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Anybody ever look at a late port of a game and was baffled as to why it was made and who it was made for? I have, here are just a few examples of ports that i felt probably should not have existed. I focus on the late one.s

Split/Second for PSP


The original HD versions was a balls to to wall destruction filled racer, i dont know how anyone could think all that could be translated to the much weaker hardware of PSP and it was a year late. WHo was this for? Its not like the game was that popular and moving it too such weak hardware loses the uniqueness and point of it, if someone really needed a racer on the go. THe Burnout, Midnight Club and NFS series are actually pretty good on PSP and much closer to their console cousins.


Soul Calibur Broken Destiny


This one hurt, because i was hyped for it. Namco did such a good job with Tekken DR that it was just as good if not better than 5. Their were no SW characters but they werent that great to begin with. Plus it had Kratos! and some weird looking guy but it couldnt be worst than Yoda. I wasnt expecting much but danm was it a let down. Kratos is just aight, that Dampeire whatever is terrible, at least Yoda was stupid broken fun. Lack of options, i wasnt expecting online, but they really screwed the pooch in this area. Whatever feature was removed for Tekken DR from 5 was at least replaced by something else. We didnt even get that with SC BD. No story mode, a barely their arcade if you can call it that. A bland survival mode. THe customization options have been reduced by about 75%. Its actually worst than SC 2 in customization which is sad. Sure the game plays fine, but whats the point, it came out so long after the originals that they were both 20 and under, so why would someone want what is a worst version of the game for more money? Unless you must play on the go.


Dead Rising Chop till you drop


The original was known for how much zombies it could cram on screen in the 2006 360 game. Of course this couldnt really be acheived on WIi so it looses the main draw. and you cant take pictures which is weird. Its not a bad game perse but considering it was released way the hell in 2009 and is worst than the 2006 version Im sure most people didnt see the point. 





Metal Gear Solid 3d 


I know im going to get hate for this but here goes. When it was first shown off before the 3DS was even out. I was hyped. The best entry (imo) in one of my fav series is getting a complete remake? Hell yeah, id buy that, then it went quiet, then we heard rumblings of Kojima and Konami not seeing eye to eye. It resurfaced and what we got was pretty much got a port. Im a huge fan but i still struggle to see who this is made for. Anyone who had an interest in this game most likely got either one of the two versions for PS2 or bought the HD versions for PS360 that had released like 3 months prior and came with TWO other games in the package. Its just a crap value overall and even if you made the argument that those arent portable, then a Vita HD collection was released not long after with MGS2 and all of the bonus material of MGS3 that the 3ds version does not have; again its crap value. No one in their right mind would pick this over any other version except maybe the original on PS2 and even then.  Unless you ONLY have a 3ds and if you're that type of gamer then you would have little interest in this series anyway.

This version itself is about hit or miss. Yes you can crouch, but IMHO its not that big of a deal and the enemy AI seems dumber; so the game overall feels much easier, which is good or bad depending on who you are. THe textures are terrible, worst ive seen from any version and the 3d dont help. Over the shoulder shooting is here and thats good. No features from the Subsistence edition, thats not good, especially when it was retailing for 40 bucks. More camo, dont think we needed more since half of it is useless anyway. A flawed version of this game is still a good game, but why settel for a flawed version when their are better out?




Mass Effect 3 for Wii u


I think we were all confused when this was announced, release the last game of a trilogy? with no option to play the others, even though the key feature of said series was the interactions between all three? Makes no sense EA. Sad thing is that the game is actually good and from what ive heard it is a good port, but it is pointless if you dont have the other two, kinda misses the point. And no some damn short comic is not a substitute. IT was kind of ok on PS3 cause it was going to get the third one and it was just missing the first, but missing TWO whole games? Not to mention the comics are a silly inconsistent. Doesnt help that PS360 and PC got a whole trilogy collection for the SAME price they were charging just for ME3 on Wii U. What.The.Hell. Im not going to get into evil EA conspiracies cause that has been beaten to death. IMHO i think EA was just being greedy and ready to take advantage of a new system with new buyers and their lack of choice, all companies are guilty of this(IE Ubi's terrible Rayman 3d game for 3ds) I think they were going to release the trilogy at a later date when the WIi U had more owners, dont think that might happen now.




No More Heroes

I ve had Wii almost as long as ive had PS3 hell there are only 2 months between them. This was game i always wanted to try as Wii owners would keep praising it, but something felt wrong. I couldnt put my finger on it. I never did get around to buying it, because games that interested me more kept coming out. So they annouced that in the US the PS3 would get an enchaned version of the game, Move and all. So i said well hell i waited this long might as well get the best version i can, and if its as good as people say ill just get the sequel on WIi the same time. It came had a demo on PSN and it was one of the most boring games ive played in years. It was a terrible hack and slash game. GoW, DMC(4 and the new one) MGS Rising, Bayonnetta( i dont even like that game) are way better than this. This should have stayed on WIi, putting it on a system that has much better options for this genre just makes it look glaring and it came out like 2 3 years after the original WIi version? no point if someone wanted to play it, they could have played it on WIi and if they dont have a Wii thats not bad just play any of the other games i mentioned, already played them? play em again. I always suspected that people were hyping it cause it was exclusive and my suspicions were right.


Anyway. Feel free to disagree and say why. And list some ports that you feel should not have exisited. 

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The new Jak collection on the vita!!!

the crysis games on the PS360. yeah they sold well but they were pure shit

 The One and Only


Jak Collection on Vita

Mass Effect 3 on WiiU

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Every EA sports game on Nintendo consoles in the past couple of years.

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All the WWE games on the Wii

Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection... especially since it's exclusive to PS3. Like MGS fan's don't already own the whole series here

FIFA on Wii U; not even a proper port.

Great list.

Honestly the majority of Wii U late ports. Im just baffled why anyone thought those would sell. I understand COD, AC3, and a few others since they were basically on time but things likr Mass Effect 3, Most Wanted, Sniper Elite, Ninja Gaiden 3, Darksiders 2 among others already were sold to the majority of people interested in those games.

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