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Well this will be interesting, :3

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Here a little quote I want for those to keep memorize in your head for this coming next gen.                            

 By: Suke

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it's from the original facebook announcement. Nothing but PR rhetoric. I suggest we wait until we see Wii U footage

I gotta give it to them: no matter how bad Activision can look at times (and deserved, of course), at least they do support Nintendo.

yay. i was going to get black ops 2 but ill wait for ghost on wiiu now.

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Considering it's Treyarch who are making the port and considering that they worked with Infinity Ward on the engine and also considering they know how WiiU works why not?

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Of course it does. The differences in the 8th gen will be a lot smaller than a lot of people realize.

sales will explode.

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But..but...but EA says Wii U cant run next gen engines.
Anyways, as mentioned the gap between PS4/ Xbone- Wii U isnt going to be nearly as big as the previous gen. Even Wii U Watch Dogs has been developed alongside the next gen versions.

when people go buy the Wii U this holiday they'd want more CoD like games so they'd go for the PS and Xbox instead, but with games like Watch Dogs, CoD Ghosts, Batman Arkham Origins, Assassin's Creed IV coming to the Wii U, i can see sales picking up A LOT.

thanks activision. now gimme a new Crash Bandicoot that doesn't suck please.

This unfortunately proves that the next gen engine will suck balls just like their previous engine, not that I'm really surprised though. Is it new proprietary or based upon some other engine? IW engine, ID tech 4 or 5?

So it is happening...PS4 preorder.

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