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PS4 Memory drama. More info soon.
The info was supposedly for this afternoon but later he corrects:



-The article will be publish tomorrow, it's better like this, will be more info.
-A very interesting tech article, 24 hours delay because Sony want to make statements.

Maybe he knows something because he is translating original DF artivle?


Sooooooooo .... any thoughts on this? What do you guys think this may be?


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Sony handing out PS4 RAM like candy.

Kresnik said:
Sony handing out PS4 RAM like candy.

The Willy Wonka of the big three! xD


Playstation = The Beast from the East

Sony + Nintendo = WIN! PS3 + PSV + PS4 + Wii U + 3DS


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they are reducing it.

The RAM was too powerful, and PS4s were becoming self aware.

Seriously though, "drama" doesn't sound too positive.

Hmm I can only think of a reduction or perhaps a speed reduction due to heat? idk.


Please don't cut down the RAM

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thanx for making it, seems im over 50 now, very curious to find out what this is, and slightly nervous. with all the good news, something bad is bound to happen eventually

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