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1987 NES Game of the Year

Kid Icarus
The Legend of Zelda
Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!
Spy Hunter
Wizards & Warriors
Mega Man
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Well the 1985 poll was such a landslide. How about a more competitive year?

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Those are some great games listed there. In the end I voted for Punch Out, because I think back in 1985 it would have been the only game that I would have been good at and, thus, appreciated. For example, that first Castlevania game was balls-bustingly hard, and for that reason I don't think many people would have appreciated how good it was until later on in their gaming life/development - I know I didn't.

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Zelda, no doubt

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For me it's metroid. I've beaten every game on this list except castlevania, spyhunter, and mega man. Although I love tloz, I never tire of Metroid. If it werent for the dungeon music in tloz i would have chosen it.

Another landslide incoming. ZELDA.

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spurgeonryan said:
Another landslide incoming. ZELDA.

Ding Dangit I just realized

Although mike tyson, metroid and castlevania have a small chance.

Zelda should win it easily. If at least Contra was in the poll...

spurgeonryan said:
Although mike tyson, metroid and castlevania have a small chance.

tloz will win.  but it won't be 82-6 that was just wrong.

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The Legend of Zelda.


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