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With Vita's(and PSP) biggest Title coming out this year, How Much Will It Sell FW? How Many PSV will be shifted that week? How much will it be lifetime?

Im going to record the following in the next post...

⇒FW Sales of the PSV version
⇒Hardware Boost of Release (PSV)
⇒How Much Will It Sell Lifetime

Release Date: Nov 14

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↓↓↓↓↓↓↓User's Predictions↓↓↓↓↓↓

{First Week/Lifetime/Hardware Boost/Name}

(listed from highest to lowest FW Sales)


FW = 265k
Lifetime = 640k
HW Boost = 88k

Pretty much betwen God Eater 1 and Burst.

Never heard of the game, but the box art looks amazing!

Life time: 290,000
FW: 19,000

I do not know much about it though.

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320k FW.. 670k LT, and 105k HW !!!
I'm beyond optimistic for this but I believe in it.

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198k FW 750k LT 85k HW

Ok, im assming this is japan only for now.

I am guessing about around 200k first week and about 350k for the first few months. If the game starts tracking like a monster hunter game (since its the second most popular MH game) it might have strong legs and sell much more than that.

I am guessing the PSP version will eat up some of the sales the Vita version could've had even though its clear wich is the best version. The PSP version should sell 100k first week and 200k ish lifetime.


Hope your prediction are correct and it indeed does more than 200k first week. It would be great news for the Vita.

For Vita, I guess.

300k FW, 530k LT, 66k HW boost. Though that boost is so very optimistic, and some of that could be due to the holiday season regardless.


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wow. This must be a big game if you all are saying that.

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spurgeonryan said:
wow. This must be a big game if you all are saying that.

it is, plus it comes out nov 14 right next to the holidays!