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I don't want to watch the video >
NSANITY please add some thoughts/summaries to these topics plz... 0

Talal said:
I will permaban myself if the game releases in 2014.

in reference to KH3 release date

Wow, the automatic profile loading is a very cool feature. The Kinect is pretty smart.

Also, the avatar looking like you in real life could be good but some people might not like that. Also, how would it detect your mood?

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I'm assuming facial expressions is how it detects  your mood, so may not be a 100% accurate

I am intrigued!


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they give you a brain implant with each XB1.... it's part of the NSA minority report project.... it helps them pinpoint exactly when you are going postal before it even reach your limbs.... they are using gaming application first to test the prototype version because we all know gamers can go from mind blown happiness to infuriating rage and frustration in heart beat while going through any phase of the mood spectrum.... it will be a perfect test bed for calibration since it will have video and sound feed back for confirmation

no but in all seriousness it will be tracking your facial expressions simple as that....

It uses a combination of facial expression, heart rate, skin temp and vocal intonation to detect mood.

Record last 5 minutes gameplay with option to 30 seconds highlights.

PS. I'm having trouble to watch the full video... so I just get that at the begin... maybe my IPS is blocking YouTube again

Edit - Controller recognition...


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The controller profile recognition sounds pretty cool. My friends and I play fighting game all the time before heading out to the movies/dinner etc and I cannot play default controller setting. Does the XboxOne have an better d-pad? The 360 one was kinda rubbish.

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they need an xbo Fap App, it knows when you have been doing that too! lol

idk if i want all that from a game system, yes its neat, i guess we will see how this works out when it is released.

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