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So there are a lot of popular franchises across all three systems.. including the likes of Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Castlevania.. and.. well several others.. so if you could poick one bad guy.. and give him a game where he was the protaginist (Spelling??) who would it be... (It's not limited to the listed franchises.. it can be any franchise you want..) Personally I have 2 I would like to see.. 


M. Bison.. you will get to play as him as he learns his abilities.. (Earns them or whatever) and rises in power before the Street Fighter tournaments.. (Not sure if this has already been done... and if it is.. I want to know.. because I would be highly interested) 


Ganondorf.. I am not exactly sure how this would work.. (Maybe somewhere between Zelda.. and a Dungeon Keeper type thing.. where you build the dungeons Link is going to have to explore in a future version of Zelda..  and ends with you.. possibly kidnapping Zelda.. or something of that sort.. I don't know.. just an idea.. )


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This just makes me want a FF7 where you play as Sephiroth and gives you more insight to his actions and what and where he went behind the scenes.

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Darth vader as darth vader.

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Sephiroth from FFVII

Would be nice and explain what he did between the storylines of Crisis Core and the original FFVII. (Mostly Crisis core since he gets killed in FFVII XD)

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That be a nice bonus option in any game really. Play as main villain and win in new game plus.

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Ghosts in all the horror movies. Would be fun.

Wario in a real game.

Switch up any nintendo or rare franchise and let bad guy try to beat good guy.... let him.

Make an evil princess peach.

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I wouldn't mind controlling Ganondorf while taking over Hyrule Castle; A great war where you co-operate with various troops and demons versus Hyrule soldiers, eventually facing royal guards inside the castle before dueling Zelda would be beyond epic. In the beginning you might start off exploring dungeons and discover more magical powers as you progress, eventually finding scriptures about the triforce and its powers. Building an army by conquering areas outside of Gerudo would then become the new top priority.

This is Nintendo we are talking about though. At best it would end with Link somehow killing you in a cutscene after you have defeated him...

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pezus said:
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you can do that in arkham asylum 

edit: nevermind