Forums - Sony Discussion - God Eater 2 Overtakes Monster Hunter 4 on Amazon Japanís Best Sellers, Did The Vita Find its Killer Application?

Japanese PlayStation fans have been left without a Monster Hunter title since the release of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd for PSP and PS3 in 2010 and 1011, and maybe it’s time for them to move to a new monster hunting franchise.

God Eater 2, that will be released locally on November the 14th, seems to be in the right place at the right time, and the long wait for a release daye created quite a lot of anticipation between Japanese gamers.

The God Eater franchise has always been considered Namco Bandai’s response to its rival by Capcom, and while the first chapter of the series, that was released in the US as Gods Eater Burst, failed to compete on the same level with Monster Hunter, God Eater 2 could have better luck, at least if the best seller chart on Amazon Japan is to be believed.

While Monster Hunter 4 dominated the chart since yesterday, today God Eater 2 overtook it and gained the 1st place. It’s worth mentioning that Capcom’s 3DS game just sold out (yesterday it was still available), so that definitely played a role, but the fact that God Eater 2 surpassed it this fast definitely shows promise for a heated competition between the two franchises this fall.

It also has to be considered that God Eater 2 is split in two version, as it’ll be released for PSP as well. The PSP version is currently ranked 7th.

Did the PS Vita finally find its killer application in Japan to replace Monster Hunter, now that it jumped ship to Nintendo’s consoles? We’ll have to wait and see. God Eater 2 is much more story-driven than Monster Hunter games, and its art style is much more akin to anime. This could determine a relevant advantage in Japan, where good stories  and anime style are definitely appreciated.

One thing is for sure, solid sales might encourage Namco Bandai to localize the game in English, and that would be quite positive.

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Sales ranks mean nothing. Don't you remeber the WiiU's sales rank after the Xbone reveal? :P

I believe God Eater 2 to be a million seller in Japan at least Vita+PSP combined. It's the most wanted Vita game for this year, and sold more than 600k on PSP in 2011, it should have known growth by now.
Even though I don't rely on Amazon hourly charts, if you want to do a comparison, look in the Best-sellers in 2013 so far.

KHlover said:
Sales ranks mean nothing. Don't you remeber the WiiU's sales rank after the Xbone reveal? :P

Just putting it out there.

Yeah and Project Mirai 2 is ahead of Ace Attorney 5 and MH4. Every game that are available for pre-orders gets this effect, Danganroppa is an example of that and even Ace Attorney 5.

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Monster Hunter 4 has been going up and down on the Japanese amazon charts as it keeps on selling out. Amazon is not directly selling it at the moment, and the seller who does is pricing it at 9980 (about twice the real price).

I don't expect it to outsell MH4 (lol), but I do expect it to sell extremely well and give Vita a nice holiday season in Japan. Now they just need something in the West

I hope it sells well enough to get localized. I'd love to play this game, but I'd be happy enough with freedom wars which I'm counting on since it's a Sony game.

I don't know that much about MH and Japanese gamers but considering MH sales on Wii U(and almost no boost for Wii U s hardware ales) the Monster Hunter Brand may be milked way too much =it really may be that god eater2 could compete in sales numbers until a certain leven ,not because of great sales numbers but only because MH has already passed the zenith of success and is going down.

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I do think that God Eater 2 will be very successful, but it'll still only do ~25% of MH4's lifetime (unless MH4 just completely flops).