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Goatseye said:
TheSting said:
Went ahead and got State of Decay. There is a 33% discount for those who purchased on 360.

Downloaded it last nite.

Hopefully 2 will be co-op. 

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I want a new Mechassault... We should stalk Phil

maximrace said:
I want a new Mechassault... We should stalk Phil

Lol I've said this a bunch

Blue Team

Locke's Team


Both done now =P 5 images left and the entire picture will be done, they is people debating whether that's Macer or Tanaka but I'm pretty sure it's Macer, they is a "M" on her foot which I assume stands for Macer lol


Locke, Buck, Romeo, Macer

John, Fred, Kelly, Linda

Can MS patch the system to play your digital games from 360?
If that's announced at E3 that shit would be perfect

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Blue Team vs 3 SIVs and the hunchback of Notre Dame lol
Commence the slaughter

D4 officially announced for PC, it was already more than hinted so whatever..

Just makes me wonder when will s2 arrive, losing time developing a PC version... Maybe next year.

He can take his time, i would rather they released a S2 when its ready.

"Wheel me out to the curb for garbage day"

Hey Versus, there's something wrong with your sig. For some reason you accidentally grabbed the one with the "leader" who specialises in getting his whole team killed, and a cripple. Might wanna look into that

I hope they release more D4 episodes really enjoyed what I played.