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Microsoft’s game creation and sharing toolset, Project Spark, will be distributed for free.


Producer David Sapienza revealed the lack-of-pricing to Siliconera at San Diego Comic Con.

The developer noted that there will be a “free pack” containing “hundreds” of objects – everything included in the initial video demonstration – which does rather imply there will be premium packs as well, although this is unconfirmed.

Downloading games created by other users will also be free.

Announced at E3 2013 for Xbox One release, Project Spark is currently taking beta sign-ups.

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Premium packs? Euugh, consider my hype deflated. This was one I was looking forward too.

could be like killer instinct a free version but you can buy diff themes or packs of stuff or a 60 dollar version that comes with everything

While it's nice that they're offering the basic game (which isn't actually all that basic) for free, I'll probably just buy the full game because it sounds like such a good game.

Excellent news. The game looks very interesting so it will be nice to get a free chunk of it.

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Lol did you really expect the game to be completely free... with no extra content at a premium?????

While I will be grabbing this for PC it's fantastic that games like this are now coming to consoles. A bigger market for games like these mean that more will hopefully be produced. Well done MS for giving this game some premium time on your E3 presentation.

Thought we knew this already...?

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