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Today, at the World of Capcom panel at San Diego Comic-Con, Capcom Senior Producer Andrew Szymanski announced an all new Strider developed by Double Helix for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC!

Originally released in 1989, Strider remains one of Capcom’s most enduring franchises. The game tells the story of Hiryu, the youngest ever “Super A” ranked agent of an elite corps known as the Striders. Strider Hiryu receives orders to assassinate Grandmaster Meio, supreme dictator of Earth, who has plunged humanity into a dystopian dark age.

Since the original release, Strider Hiryu has battled through multiple sequels, and appears as a playable character in Capcom’s Marvel vs. Capcom series of fighting games, most recently Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, released in 2011. Strider is a consistent fan favorite for Capcom, always ranked at the top of fan polls as a character in high demand to return in his own game.

Part of Strider’s enduring appeal has been blazing fast gameplay, married with deep environment traversal options. For the new game, Double Helix and our partner team in Osaka, Japan, concentrated on an ultra-responsive control system, with incredibly satisfying combat options in every traversal context—standing, running, wall climbing, hanging, aerial and more.

New to the franchise is the massive interconnected world of Kazakh City which players can explore in any direction they choose. The traditional level structure has been replaced with a retraceable world and a deep ability upgrade system which enables Hiryu to build more power and abilities to penetrate ever deeper into the dystopian adventure.

Double Helix is thrilled to be working with some of the original Strider creative leaders from Capcom’s Osaka production offices to bring another fan favorite franchise back to life! Follow us on Twitter, and stay tuned for more info!

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HAHA i love how the picture has a sign "no recording, no cameras"

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Ha.. i won my bet, but i wasnt around to gloat because im on a better forum!  See ya guys on Viz

no Wii U/Vita - doom!!!!!!!

OP: good to see it again!

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This is gonna be sexy. I really liked Strider 2 (Stride 1, not so much). I'm really glad they're bringing it back.

EricFabian said:
no Wii U/Vita - doom!!!!!!!

OP: good to see it again!

I can't even see why a digital only release would be bad for those consoles :/.  Looking at the screen shots, this game would be perfect for handhelds.  There's just no reason for there not to be a Wii U version ...

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Awesome :D

Getting this on PC!

Now they need to remake or do a new Darkstalkers, Breath of Fire, Mega Man, and Rival Schools n_n.

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Double Helix are the people developing Killer Instinct?

edit: Yes, yes they are.

Oh YEAH!!!!

I loved the original!!! I played that game like crazy. It was freakin' hard!! I hope they keep the reboot challenging!

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....+ WIIU

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Strider releases early 2014 on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, and Wii U. #SDCC