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I hope The Last of Us is hugely undertracked. It deserves a lot more than 875k in its first month.

ethomaz said:

tbone51 said:

Who predicted 145k? Thats just wrong

Remember that in UK 3DS is heavly overtracked here... it tracked below June 2012.

I think the same will be showed for US... so the Pachter prediction can be close to the thuth... or it is only another Pachter prediction lol

and yet you have predicted 210k which is a lot more than June 2012 where it did 155k?


I'm not really here!

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kowenicki said:

and yet you have predicted 210k which is a lot more than June 2012 where it did 155k?

My prediction was made before UK numbers based in VGC numbers... if I remember in 14th... I can't change that.

kowenicki said:
pezus said:
kowenicki said:
pezus said:
Meltdown prediction: PS3>everything, TLoU undertracked

that would be a meltdown?

if you say so...

Yes, that's the definition of a meltdown. Something that nobody expects to happen, happens

no, thats just something that is unexpected.

a meltdown is an over the top hysterical reaction to an unexpected event.

both of these arent THAT unexpected... indeed both could easily happen and some people have said they will... so even your own definition is no use.


I know. The meltdowns are the reactions to unpredictable outcomes.

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Kresnik said:
Conegamer said:

Optimistic, indeed. But why not! 

It was more the fact that you seemed overly (imo) optimistic about one struggling console yet realistic about another that got me.  

And well, 360 up 80k+ & PS3 up 90k MoM that made me go "blimey".

But who knows.  I follow software sales more closely anyway!

Perhaps. But this has an extra week, and we have the likes of TLoU to help these numbers along. In addition, last month was particularly low, so I think it could be better this month.


Will probably be way off, but never mind. It's all just a bit of fun!


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

The only meltdowns that will come from PS3 beating 360, will be from PS3 fans getting too excited.

The Last of Us being number 1 would be no surprise neither. Now, if The Last of Us is 1M+, that would be a surprise.

Oh it's BST here not GMT.


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