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What games were you most wrong about when it comes to your predicted sales versus the sales is ended up actually getting?

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Xenoblade, thought maybe 100k-200k, never in a million years did i think 840k

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Judging by the TLOU sales thread, that defied almost everyone.

CoD. Year after year it does way better than I expect. I just don't understand it.

red dead redemption, it blew up on word of mouth and had good legs.

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minecraft. never thought it would sell so much on pc when it was new and i also never expected it to sell so good on xbox.

Heavy Rain (which I thought would bomb completely), Valkyria Chronicles (just happy this awesome game got some bring a sequel to the PS4 dammit!), and probably Skyrim just because it'll end up with +15million in sales which is crazy for a RPG!

TLOU - selling faster than expected, Uncharted:DF - by about 2m, LBP - by 1.5m


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Skyrim. Oblivion did 4m retail on 360 and the late port to PS3 shows 2.85. I expected 5.5 and about 3.5 considering the larger user base but it's at 7.34m on 360, 4.74 on PS3 and 2.95 on PC. That's not including any digital downloads which must be 3-4m? I'm just guessing here. I really think DD would be higher on PC than boxed sales. Witcher 2 suppsedly did 70% of it's U.S. sales in DD and Steam said something about Skyrim producing it's 'highest sales volume ever'. Plus whatever it's doing on XBL and PES.

This game could easily hit 20m copies lifetime not including GOTY versions. This despite the PS3 version having some real issues. It got a lot of bad internet press and word of mouth early on. Opinions on the game aside those are massive numbers. Far larger than even the healthy progression the series was showing.

Xenostar said:
Judging by the TLOU sales thread, that defied almost everyone.

Actually it was not surprising.