Forums - Sony Discussion - MAG, SOCOM servers shutting down 01/28/14

Advisory: Online multiplayer services for MAG, SOCOM Confrontation, and SOCOM 4 will be ending on 01/28/14

— PlayStation (@PlayStation) July 16, 2013


Sad... I didn't even knew people were still playing those games....


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Woh SOCOM Confrontation was still going?


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But but sony is for gamers why would they close down three game servers I I just can't trust them now jk lol

News sucks for those still playing the game. Hope they give them good farewells

SOCOM Confrontation likely still has a pretty active player base. I'm doubtful about MAG and even more so about SOCOM 4.

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MAG?! wow...another reason why I don't like online only games.

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oh :(
still playing MAG every few months

actually surprised that it took so long.. Zipper has been closed down for over a year now..


Face the future.. Gamecenter ID: nikkom_nl (oh no he didn't!!) 

Then MAG just becomes...nothing? :(

Wright said:

Then MAG just becomes...nothing? :(

lol will be fun to see people selling it on ebay without telling people about the servers.