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Good day. I've decided to break the silence, sort of, on an upcoming game my team and I are working on. Codenamed "HANDICAP", you play as five characters, all suffering from something. Can't delve too much into detail, but I'll give you a rundown of the characters above.

  • This concept displays the game in early development. Each of the five main characters have a major hindrance to their daily lives, and it is up to the player to not only figure out how and why, but to aid the crew against overwhelming odds. All of the characters will meet at some point or another.
From left-to-right:

Everest Greene
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Nationality: African-American
Height: (Pre-accident) 6’2”

 Everest Greene is no stranger to misfortunes. He grew up in a 1-bedroom home with eight siblings and mother, failed out of college, and has trouble with personal addictions. Unfortunately, his tough times only got harder. He was recently involved in an accident that rendered him a parapalegic, his wife left him, taking both of their children, and because of the crippling event, he also was no longer able to continue his job as a factory worker. 
Maple Arizona 
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Nationality: Caucasian-American
Height: 5”3.75”
Maple is in total emotional overload. She’s usually a happy-go-lucky, preppy, cheerleader. She's also pretty popular at her high school, despite being a freshman. However, since her parents untimely deaths as a result of a traffic accident, her life has been anything but great. She took it particularly hard because, on the day of the crash, she had a conversation with her mother about death, funerals, and what she would have to do in the event of a tragedy. Maple's so distraught over it, that she now wears a lot of her mother's old clothing and jewelry, and often put her hands together on her lap, rocks back and fourth, and silently reflects on the memory of her parents.

Age: 12
Gender: ?
Nationality: Caucasian?
Height: 5'1" 

Not much is known about “TB”. Other than the fact is a diagnosed, Paranoid Schyzoprenic, which is often accompanied by episodes of anxiety, this child's 411 remain's a mystery through the game.What little you do learn throughout the game - TB is highly intelligent, witty, and good with mechanical things.
Autumn Pastel
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Nationality: Native American/Caucasian
Height: 5’8.5” 

Sight is something Autumn has struggled with since age 11. At that point, she began to suffer from a rare condition that causes her to see faces as all the same. It's not always happening, but it's often enough that she has had to undergo many doctor visits, has avoided going outdoors (especially in the last few years), and suffers from Agorophobia every now and again. Despite that, she has somehow managed to become a talented artist, is a former high school track star, and can speak multiple languages.
Leaf Arizona
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Nationality: Caucasian
Height: 5’4”

Leaf is usually an outgoing, respectful young man. He’s generous, athletic, and good in math. However, like his twin sister, Maple, he's also dealing with the loss of his parents. Unlike her, though, Leaf has found a more troubling way of coping. He's no longer a straight "A" student, bleaches and spray paints his hair silver, has a girlfriend that's heavily into theft of prescription medications, and his temper can sometimes turn erratic. Still, more than anything, he cherishes the one person remaining very, very close to him, Maple. The two now live with their Aunt and Uncle.

  • Please remember that this is a work in progress and all concept(s) may not necessarily represent the final quality of the game. We're currently targeting a late 2015 release of "HANDICAP" on PC and one of the next generation consoles (can't reveal who, due to contracts). The game will be played from 1st and 3rd person perspectives and will allow you to choose characters for some playthroughs. The system will make the selection during other scenes, but all are unique.


"HANDICAP" is a Psychological Drama set in modern times. A few, key ,places to remember - The Orphanage, Shed in the Park, Alleyway, and Cliffside.

Thank you for checking this out! I'm here for any questions and/or feedback. I don't mind criticism, either, because if something needs fine tuning, this community is just the place to inquire.


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That is quite possibly the freshest and innovative concept I've seen for a game in ages. Can't wait to see more of it, CGI!

Is the game going to be highly cinematic and emotional? Would be a shame if it wasn't.

attaboy said:
That is quite possibly the freshest and innovative concept I've seen for a game in ages. Can't wait to see more of it, CGI!

I really appreciate it! The team is hard at work. We wanted to have a trailer ready by June 1, but schedules and such caused us to miss the date. Instead, I decided to give this community a little teaser.


attaboy said:
Is the game going to be highly cinematic and emotional? Would be a shame if it wasn't.

Yes, that is the goal. You'll have full control of the character at least 90% of the time, but we will use cutscenes to convey emotion where necessary. Recent events in my life, in addition to recently released story-driven titles, all helped inspire the project.


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I like the option for third person and first person camera . Can I ask what genre is the game?

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Wow this sounds very interesting, cant wait to see more.

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How are the graphics?

Anfebious said:
I like the option for third person and first person camera . Can I ask what genre is the game?

We call it Psychological Drama. So, it will have some horror elements, but it's generally a game of emotion and "what-would-you-do" moments. Not necessarily random choices (i.e. Heavy Rain or Mass Effect), but make you consider the next playthrough with a specific character. 

Combat is there, but not plentiful and while you can die, we're aiming to make those moments as few as possible, as to not break immersion.


Is this in any way inspired by Katawa Shoujo?

Your post is like one of those trailers that shows story, characters, and no gameplay. Can I expect this balance to be reflected in the game itself?

Do you have reason to believe this game will sell?