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Would you like it if the Wii U was a normal next gen console?

Yes 130 37.79%
No 148 43.02%
See results 65 18.90%

So do you like the Wii U the way it is or would you prefer it if Nintendo went with a regular controller and put those extra recources into the console, putting it on par or really close to the X1/PS4.  Personally I don't know what the hell Nintendo was thinking with this tablet.  That controller costs them so much to make and they have not put out a single game that uses it in a way that makes people think, this is why I have a Wii U.  I'm hoping Nintendo has a game in development that they had in mind when they were making the Wii U, because if they don't come out with a game that uses the tablet to its full potential it will really hurt long term sales of the Wii U.  I would have rathered a normal console that is more powerful, what do you guys think?

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Nope, I actually like the direction Nintendo has chosen for the Wii U & 3DS.

From a business perspective, it was a dumb move though.

I like playing games on the game pad. Just give me some games.

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Doesn't matter to me what they do with the console, just as long as the games come all the same.

If they made a game, just off the top of my head, where you were say... link and you were on a normal zelda adventure with a classic controller, but for some reason all the gorons and zoras and hyrulians had to ready their perspective towns for a battle after being visited by link. Link has news of some impending threat and has to travel to each town one by one and tell them the news battling baddies along the way. Enter the second player on the gamepad. Each time link travels to a town and talks to the inhabitants, the second player does whatever chores needed for the village to ready itself for the (probable) battle until link reaches the next town. The end of the game the game the gamepad player picks one of the villagers to join link in the battle and probably ends up using zelda to shoot ganon with arrows at the end. A game like that would make me glad nintendo went with the game pad and i think would be the definition of asymetric gameplay. 

     however, if there aren't at least like 10 games like this, then i wish they'd just matched M$ONY and been my "one console to rule them all"

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Nah mang, I love off-screen play. It's very convenient, it just needs more games. Thankfully those are coming.

Im glad they dont make a "normal" console, that would mean we have 3 nearly identical consoles which to me is just boring. I buy Nintendo consoles for exclusives whether that be 1st, 2nd or 3rd party. Zelda, Metroid, 3D Mario, Smadh Bros and Mario Kart are enough for me to buy there console, then adding games like Pikmin, Donkey Kong, Kirby, Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Kid Icarus, Advance/Battalion Wars, Custom Robo and a few excellent 3rd party exclusives makes it a must have.

Playstation/Xbox have 90% of the same games so choosing one also comes down to exclusive games/features. I personally dont play much online games so paying for online is out of the question for me, especially since its a paywall for things like Netfix as well, so thats onr reason I prefer Sony to Microsoft also they have more variety in 1st party titles.

For me the perfect combo is Nintendo+Sony, its been that way for the past 2 gens and it seems like it will be that way this gen as well. That way I get all the classic Nintendo franchises, some great 3rd party exclusives, Sony's diverse 1st party library and 3rd party mulitplats

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Yes. I'm more than likely gonna use the pro controller more than the gamepad/wiimote if I am allowed to do so (not sure if there's any game that requires the gamepad or the Wiimote that came out on the WiiU).

The controller/hardware shouldnt define what system I should get - the games should.

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nope, honestly, why do people even want that? where's the variety in this? we'd have 3 consoles which 90% of each library's are the same, with only 10% being exclusives, I wouldn't like this shit one bit

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I loved the Gamecube so yes I would love for Nintendo to have high end graphics to go with thier expected great franchises and gameplay. I am fine with the Wii (despite not being big on motion controllers) and the Wii U (despite not being big on the tablet) but I do simply like a controller and sit down and play great games on my consoles.