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I don't think I will get a PS4 this year because there will not enough must own games out for me, but I know I will get one eventually, and these are the games that will make me buy one.  

#1 KH3, this ones pretty obvious, been waiting for this game for so long, when it comes out I will make sure I have a PS4.

#2 FF15, this game has been a long time coming too, I know I'm gonna get a lot of hate for this, but this looks like it could be the best FF game of all time.  The combat looks amazing, the game is being developed by tetsuya nomura so the story is basically garunteed to be good, and the graphics are great too.

#3 Witcher 3, this looks like the game that will carry WRPGs to the next gen, it looks like it will raise the bar for other WRPGs to come like Fallout 4 and the next Elder Scrolls.  I have never played Witcher 2, but I plan to pick it up eventually just so I'm caught up before this game comes out.

#4 inFamous Second Son, I am a huge fan of the inFamous series, I loved the first two games.  Open world and superpowers just fit together so perfectly XD.  Kinda disappointed at a new protagonist, but its not a deal breaker for me, new guy doesn't seem that bad.

#5 Naughty Dog's next gen game, Naughty Dog has reached that level where if they have a new game coming out you can basically just assume it will be amazing, you don't even need to look up anything about it, its basically guaranteed to be good.  I think the only possibilities are Uncharted 4, Jak & Daxter 4, or a new IP.  I don't think they will release the Last of Us 2 so soon.  Personally I'm hoping for Jak & Daxter 4, they were gonna make it instead of the Last of Us, but they couldn't find a way to make it and keep that Jak & Daxter feeling, I'm hoping their second team found a way.  

So that's my list, whatare you guys most looking forward to?

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I got a PC, so I can do muliplatform games

It will take many games to make me buy next gen. And, I plan on waiting for prices to go down. I have a big backlog anyway, that will keep me busy.

If Smash Bros meets my expectations, I might have to get a Wii U.

 Been away for a bit, but sneaking back in.

Gaming on: PS4, PC, 3DS. Currently experiencing Dragon Quest 8 for the first time :D

In terms of exclusive to consoles and not on PC

-Final Fantasy XV (PS4)
-Kingdom Hearts III (PS4)
-Super Smash Bros 4 (WiiU)
-Mario Kart U (WiiU)


I'll get all other multiplat titles on PC.

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Definitely Final Fantasy XV, and I think this might be the best FF too.

I can see myself getting a PS4 early next year anyways though.

If I have the money by the time the game comes out, I'm gonna buy a PS4 and a copy of Final Fantasy XV at launch day.
The only other game that could possibly make me buy the console is Naughty Dog's next game, but I think I can wait in this case. Other than that, I'll wait for the library to become stronger, even if I loved both inFamous games and Second Son looks awesome.

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FFXV, MGSV or KH3. when one of them release im getting it and a ps4

Games are not the (my) problem. Money is.

MGSV - This one is cross gen, but I want the next gen experience. Experiencing it on PS3 is not enough for me.

Smash Bros. Wii U

inFAMOUS Second Son

Final Fantasy XV


Sony IPs in general - I take great pleasure in playing games from Naughty Dog, Guerrilla Games, SSM, etc, so naturally I will buy a PS4 to experience their games.


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Wright said:

Games are not the (my) problem. Money is.

Pole dancing?


Playstation = The Beast from the East

Sony + Nintendo = WIN! PS3 + PSV + PS4 + Wii U + 3DS

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FFXV, MGSV or KH3. when one of them release im getting it and a ps4