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Usually I wouldn't post something like this but I found this video to be very well done by a group of kids on Kids React from The FineBros.  Very smart kids and very impressed with the responses in this video.  Enjoy.

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I'm in a mixed relationship. I never thought that it was still a big deal. Sure we get looks sometimes. But nothing is ever said. I guess that's the problem with the internet though. People speak what's really on their mind. It's too easy to do with the anonymity of the internet. At least the next generation of kids get it. Maybe in the next 20 or so years we wont hear much about this any more.

there you go, I hope none of these kids ever pick up a copy of CoD.


Quite simply, racism is taught. I don't know if anyone ever tried to deny this.

Racism and class divide are just silly in my view- though I won't get into this topic too much since my views can be ... controversial. xD

Where I am from there is a lot of mixture, so racism isn't a big issue these days. For instance, I'm part black, Italian, Indian and Middle Eastern ... none of which claim me since I look like neither lulz But race isn't an issue so it doesn't matter. I like how most have moved past the slavery issue and we just live together in harmony. I do not know how it is for my counterparts in the US though.


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This won't go down so well with some conservative right-wing nuts and certain stormfront lurkers on this site.

Not long before someone come in screaming "oh look, liberal propaganda!".

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I was like those kids think wft was so controversial about that commercial


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I don't like that they included the chick falling into tears at the end of the video.

There's sane reaction to discrimination and then there's overreaction. Overreaction is not good.

Didnt know there was a controversy surrounding a cheerios news.

Must a be a slow day for people to make a big fuss over a Cereal commercial....

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