Should SE make an HD FFVII remake for PS4?

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Do you believe that SE must remake FFVII?

YES 112 60.87%
NO 37 20.11%
No but if they do I'll get it. 35 19.02%

What do u think guys? r u interested to play/replay this game with next generation-like graphics in full HD glory? how a remake must be like in your personal opinion? what it must have to make it justice? Any particular thoughts/demands for a remake? Write it below I would like to read all of them.

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Do we need an HD FFVII remake for PS4?

Ehhh... how would that pan out exactly?

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HD remake.

Dont you mean a full fledged remake?

HD Remake would just be a touch up which can easily be done on the PC through mods lol.


@Topic - I wouldnt mind a full fledged remake of FFVII with all mechanics staying the same ;o.

All it needs is a visual change, add voice overs, remix the music, and add a few new content/storyline scenes so it would match up with the storyline of Crisis Core and Before Crisis.

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Yeah it would have to be a full big budget remake, it would probably have to be multiplatform though due to the budget it will need.

for them to make this happen would cost a lot of money. its not a simple up res like most PS2 HD remakes. and tbh i cant see it selling enough. its a remake and it will never sell as much as the new games do

The fans have been begging them for years, and the risk is just to high because if they mess up it'll backfire on square enix 10 fold.

If they do it right it can make them millions, maybe even break records because FF7 on the PSN store is still selling and is still in the top 10 classic downloads since 2009.

ix first

amiright? :D

007BondAgent said:
ix first

amiright? :D

No u ;(

Final Fantasy VI remake must come first n_n.

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