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Who was more Evil?

George Bush Jr.


First off, God created man, who he knew was going to be evil.

God murdered, and committed genocide on an entire planet.

He is a terrorist. Caused the 12 some odd plagues of Egypt.

Instead of enforcing the death penalty on the first Murderer in history, he just banished him to become the father of non-Isrealites.

He asked a father to kill his own son.


Is Satan just a persona that he made up so that we had something worse to Hate and fear than God himself?

The greatest trick God ever did, was make the world think that the Devil was real.


Am I right? I mean...We are putting our faith, money, and time into someone who is one of the Greatest murderers of all time!

A God Who taught us to not be tolerant to other people, to hate same sex marriage, to start wars over nothing.

This is who you follow Religious people. Why do you still do it?

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Bet. Bet2. Bet3.


Wright said:

He looks like he may be a cannibal or something in that picture. Scares me.

I havent met any of the persons in your poll so I cant really make a qualified judgment on who is more evil.

I would need to spend some time with each of the options if I do not than voting would be just a pointless guess.

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No. "Satan" is a separate being. But god did create everything in the universe, so he must have created Satan as well. God is all knowing and all powerful so he knew what Satan will end up doing or becoming. I guess one can say that he needed to create evil in order to create good. Good an evil are contrasting ideas that cannot exist without the other.
As far as god's crazy behavior before Jesus came along...I don't know how believers explain it. I assume they use the all purpose clause: he had his reasons. and we can assume that all those he killed had it coming. He is the ultimate judge, isn't he?

"¿Por qué justo a mí tenía que tocarme ser yo?"

And here I was thinking that fiscal policy sounded far fetched...

And now I am convinced that Spurge is not a Christian.

Does the Black pawn believe there's a White player?

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MTZehvor said:
And here I was thinking that fiscal policy sounded far fetched...