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I've got nothing to hide lol they can follow me 24/7 and still they wont find anything interesting xD

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I'm starting to feel pity with Microsoft and some of the other american tech companies (Facebook, Google, Apple etc.)

THEY are the ones who actually suffer the most from the NSA spying.

Cooperating with the NSA gives them very little economic advantage, they're simply forced to do so. What does a company like Microsoft gain from building backdoors into their products? Very little, the economic downsides of people losing trust in their products is much worse, the current reports about the NSA cooperation has caused a huge mistrust in all big american tech companies that may seriously harm their profits in the future.

And yet, they can not even talk freely about it in public and explain what's really happening. "Sorry, national security, you cannot talk about this!"

In a way, the current NSA scandal may severely hurt the american economy, at least in the long run. And since economic well-being is also being considered "national security" (actually, that's one of the most important aspects), one might very well say that the NSA is currently rather the biggest danger to american national security.

Maybe the USA needs some intelligence service that protects american national security from national security agencies.

You think this would already be known. Google, Apple, Microsoft etc... all work with the NSA.

Why is there a question mark in that title?


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Loll it's funny..... and so what????
What is news material here?????

Data request for government agency is as old as modern telecommunications....
NSA or FBI makes a request to get information to a service provider if it has legal status the service provider complies in the boundary of the law.... it's been like that for decades in every country with secret service....
I remember working for different media outlet in the past (tv, radio, newspaper) they would call regularly (equivalent of NSA subservice in a European country) and they would ask for information, on guest, callers, and audience from time to time and sometime we would refuse but most of the time they had legal ground...

I really don't see what's new here???? Beside the support of communication maybe??? Mr John smith is under investigation, they ask MS, Google, apple at&t anybody with info to provide information through official channel with legal paper work... and they comply because they do not have the choice anyway.....

I don't see what's new here or even what there is to be worried about????

Unless you are a big bad guy you really don't have to worry much.... it's not like they have the time or man power to watch everybody all the time.... and even if they were.... what is there really to see....

Honestly I find that really a big fat non news and in my case a huge non issue.... even outside of Kinect.... and on top of that I can monitor and control about anything that goes in and out of my network and who has access to it... so I'm not worried a second....

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GribbleGrunger said:
Why is there a question mark in that title?

i question why they do it ;)

who gives a shit. do you really think the nsa are going to post up video of you dicking around in lounge on the internet. thew whole point is to catch criminals. and they only ask for vids of people labelled as suspicious. they wouldnt have time to look at random info

Holy shit. This is worse than all the other crap combined xbox one had.

because they pretty much don't have the choice.... and it's like that for every service provider everywhere in every country with a gov agency....

once again I don't see what's new.... how do you think they wire tap drug dealers, get bank information, travel plans etc.... there is absolutely nothing newsworthy here beside creating buzz to sell paper and commercial space between news broadcast....

this is just a huge pansy scheme.... and we are all falling for it....

I knew it! Kinect made it suspicious but the original online requirement made it almost obvious that people would be spied on. But why does the US government find this necessary? The cold war has been over for over 20 years and terrrorism is not anyway near as big a threat as it is stated. I think what makes it worse is they could spy on people throughout the world and not just America. I fear a police state is on the horizon if people don't act now. They are already fascist, so are certainly on their way. And i though America was supposed to be about liberty and all things free to do. What happened?

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