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I'm pretty sure, even though DRM policies have been reversed, a lot of 360 owners are still switching to Sony with the PS4. Why?

For me, the reason why, is the reason why I'm on hold right now. I had issues logging into my e-mail account, and because of that I've had over 2 hours on the phone fixing the issue. I switched my account to a new e-mail, activated gold, waited 30 days, and now I need to switch my account back so my Windows Phone can play all the games I own, without a hardware reset.....

This isn't the first time, when MS replaced my 360, they sent me a broken console, and that was also 2 hours on the phone, in 1 call......

With the number of times I've had my 360 break, and send it in the mail, just to have Microsoft say "there is nothing wrong" or send me a broken system, or full out just tell me I'm f***ed because they can't fix my Microsoft brand accessories, or tell me where to buy new ones (discontinued product)...... I can't stand their customer support.

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To be honest i had pretty much decided before the Xbox one had been announced.

Main reason is simple: They proved to me that once they got me as a costumer they dont care about me anymore. The first 2 years saw the release of many exclusive hardcore titles. I got my 360 for that and the lower price.
After those 2 years, exclusives stoped aside the microsoft pet series (halo/forza/fable/gears). I saw some of those old exclusives go to PS3 with expanded content, and i saw interesting exclusive after interesting exclusive on the PS3 as sony kept "feeding" their hardcore gamers with great games. Not to mention that Microsoft then proceeded to waste resources on pleasing casual gamers with the kinect.

In short: I lost all trust on Microsoft. The Xbox one reveal just further justified the situation. They are a greedy and arrogant company that doesnt care to please their customers, but to fool them out of their money. Sadly for them im smarter than that and wont fall on the same trap again.

As such, im through with microsoft and the Xbox. Microsoft cant be trusted. Even if they have some interesting games now, theres no garantee they wont pull the same stunt they did with the 360. They have alot to prove to regain the consumer trust.

Also, i was so displeased i got me a PS3 aswell cause it was making me sick to play on the Xbox360 after that Xboxone unveil. I got over it, but i only buy new games for the PS3 now.

too many things I can never forgive microsoft for. red rings, e74 errors, disc drive not opening, etc. for an entire year i had to ghetto tap my xbox to get it to read the disc. i ended up buying a new xbox 360 slim afterwards, but these types of things are unforgivable.





I'm not. I've always enjoyed my experiences with Xbox consoles more than I have with any Playstation games, and looking at the upcoming lineup of games for the two new consoles, Microsoft again has the lineup of games that I find more compelling. It's not just an old stalwart like Halo that has me picking up an Xbox One; Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive, and Project Spark all look really interesting, and they aren't titles I want to miss.

What has Sony got right now for me? Not much. Transistor for sure, but that game could still make it's way to Xbox. The Order 1886 might also be pretty cool, but I'm not 100% convinced yet. Other than that, nothing. I've no interest in their old franchises like Killzone or Infamous, and Knack is definitely not my kind of platformer.

Never had one and I think I will never get one after all the problems it had this gen. Also most of their exclusives don't interest me (except tales of vesperia ) and I already have a healthy library for my PS3 and Sony proved me they can keep the games coming. So I never had a microsoft console and I will never buy one now xD.

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Is this necessary?

Some gamers are fickle and don't have corporate loyalties. Some buy based on what's cheaper. Most buy for the games library.

Only a niche minority actually care about things like corporate perception and policies behind the scenes that influence their taste in gaming.


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Well, i have a 360 but i personally dont play it alot. and when i did i had cleaned the vents every mouth or so to pervent RROD. Thats the main reasons most ppl might not get Xbox one because of the whole RROD with the 360.
At first i planned on getting a ps4 but im saving for a gaming PC next year. i can do more stuff with PC thats why

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Well I was an owner of all 3 this gen consoles. So I think I count? Lol anyways, the ps4 has the better price mainly. I also like some of the exclusives on Sony console more then ms.

I'm not.
At least, I'm not decided yet. I'll get a PS4 if it gets a significant number of games I really want to play, if it doesn't, I'll pass, same as for any console.

sales2099 said:
Is this necessary?


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