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what is next ?

new GameBoy 5 16.67%
new DS 6 20.00%
new brand 18 60.00%

Gameboy will never be forgotten in the minds of gamers but what about the rest of the world ? Will Nintendo bring back the forgotten GameBoy or will we see a new DS which is a strong brand and is hard to ditch at this point or maybe something entirely new..I cant imagine a new portable wihtout two screens it just feels wrong. My only thought is a new Gameboy with two screens lol. maybe three screens

What do you guys think ?

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I think Nintendo needs to make a new brand. The 3DS was sort of a stretch, and many didnt even know the difference between it and the original DS or DSI, when it launched. Its the same with the Wii U.

I could see a new direction for Nintendo using the Wii U streaming tech they have now.

Being able to connect and use any streaming capable display from their new brand of handheld and friends could just jump right in and add their own handheld or a pro controller, etc., or the extra handhelds present could even connect 3rd, 4th, and 5th external displays for large local gatherings.

And when the external display is out of range the game would instantly switch back to the handheld's screen giving uninterrupted gaming going from a big screen experience to small screen no hassle, no file transfer, no lag, etc.

Essentially it would be a dynamic experience capable of single screen gaming on just the handheld or expanding to multi-screen gaming with a variable number of displays and/or external controllers.

I think the whole "people don't know the difference" thing is a joke. Maybe at the beginning when something first launches but overtime even the most Un-informed person will know that it's a new system. You go to a store and see a ton of games for 3DS could somebody not know? Same will be for the Wii U.

Anyway, to answer the question: I think they should choose a new brand name. I think they kind of nailed it with 2 screens as its a great fit for HH's so I would like to see that trend continue. With that said, you can only do so much with a name like "DS" so I'd change the name but keep 2 screens. The "GameBoy" name would be a dumb thing to bring back from a business perspective because Nintendo now has a decent female following and making the name sound gender specific might push some of them away.

I also wouldn't mind the idea that people have thrown around on this site before. A console / HH hybrid would be kind of cool but that would take away the 2nd screen. Either way, hoping it's good and isn't just a simple power boost.

Trust me. There are people out there that are extremely dumb in these type of matters. The whole naming thing is a issue with people.

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lol jk


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The name seems to be variations. Isn't the xl versions just bigger forms of the first model ds? The 3ds, is a ds with a 3d function right? I haven't kept up with nin handhelds since the gb advanced sp lol


They can't ditch the 3DS yet, its too early

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