Justin Bieber Wants To Eff Bill Clinton, Pees Everywhere

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                                                                                                               Well that was...weird.

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tbh this is a little awkward.. does.. does he know he is white? 

I like what Conan O'Brien had to say about it.

"best thing he's ever released, straight to #1".

Anyways, this guy is a complete douchebag.

Hey guys..guys!! Find the difference!

riderz13371 said:

Hey guys..guys!! Find the difference!

One is a bitch that pees everywhere.

The other one is a mamal from the Canidae family.

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Hmm, I wanted to be liked by the ladies as much as bieber, so I pissed in my gf's trash can in front of her parents while screaming I was a wild kid. Her dad beat the shit out of me.

dafuq did i just watch lol. I thought all canadians are meant to be friendly people.l



What a douche. Does he even do music anymore? All I hear of him lately is in regards to him being a prick.

Please stop, you are embarassing yourself. Stop making shit music while you are it. The fame has gotten to your head. He's does anything for attention now. Pathetic really.

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i say we would start a petition to kick him off the planet