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What will happen to JRPGs?

They will be fine 89 54.27%
We won't have as much bu... 41 25.00%
The number of JRPGs will slowly dwindle away 21 12.80%
See results 13 7.93%

We all know production costs are gonna go up even higher next generation, so the question is will JRPG developers be able to survive?  I'm not talking about the huge JRPGs like Final Fantasy, I'm talking about Tales of, Disgaea and Ni No Kuni.  I think small JRPG developers will try to make games for the current generation as long as they can, but when the consoles become obselete and they are forced to move on to the next gen how will they adapt?  I started getting into JRPGs when I had my PS2 and I had a long list of games to choose from, but in this generation the number of JRPGs has really dropped, and I know its gonna drop next gen, but I hope we still have some of the beloved JRPGs franchises around.  Just to use this as an example, for KH3 we saw a new art style in that short trailer, its not realistic and it looks a little different from KH2.  I think they went with this art style because it costs less to make and with it being so long since the last console KH game, and the handheld games not selling all that well, they are not sure KH can still pull out those big numbers so they are playing it safe.  I don't want to see JRPGs die because they are my favorite genre, I'm hoping they can still turn a profit using new art styles that cost less, but still look beautiful.  What do you guys think?

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They might shift.

More towards Handhelds and Tablets.

The amount on Home Consoles are down this gen (from the PS2/GC days) and it will probably continue.

I don't see costs rising for them? Nothing is changing for them. next gen will even be more easier to develop for. So that will be cheaper.
however they can get in trouble if the genre keeps decaying further.


Nippon Ichi seemed to manage the move from SD -> HD with Disgaea absolutely fine. I don't see why a move to next gen would affect them at all.

This seems like another great time to bring up Compile Heart too. Sure, their games don't exactly have the highest production values. But they can afford to get by on ~ 60k sales in Japan with their main series'. Maybe if development costs go up they'll need ~80k sales instead. But still, it seems perfectly manageable.

Tales is a tricky one. Things looked pretty rocky for that series at the start of the generation. But once they found the fanbase on PS3 and Xillia sold 500k+ FW, they seemed absolutely fine.

I honestly don't see JRPG's improving that much graphically in the upcoming generation. Sure, Final Fantasy will still continue to strive for insane visuals. But most of the smaller games will just stick to what they're used to, with a few minor improvements here and there. And I don't see that 'killing' JRPG's in any way.

As a side note, I also don't expect many JRPG's to migrate to next gen for a few more years. They'll stick around on handhelds/current gen consoles to squeeze a bit more money out of them before moving on.

We will have enough if we own all 3 home consoles, but for most people that won't be enough. Since Japanese gamers largely play handhelds now, we'll all likely have to buy 3DS systems to get our fix.

I think what's going to happen to console JRPG's, is they are slowly going to become exclusive again. Not because profits are higher, but because Nintendo, MS, and Sony will publish smaller games to build a library. E.g. The Last Story and Lost Odyssey were not developed by Nintendo and MS, they just published the games.

Nintendo and Sony will also still likely be resonsible for a couple good JRPG's each too. Nintendo already has X and SMT x Fire Emblem planned. Plus Nintendo is publishing niche games by Platiunum Games.

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The only jrpgs that will die are the ones who cant manage their budget. Im looking at you, Final Fantasy.

The new Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem game was said to only need to sell around 700,000 to be successful, and thats a HD game on the Wii U.

It'll be around the same amount that we had this gen.

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On home consoles? Probably, at least on PS4/Xbox One. I mean, you just need to look at Final Fantasy XV for it to be clear. On portable consoles, though, absolutely not. 3DS and Vita still have a lot of great JRPGs releases.

BasilZero said:
It'll be around the same amount that we had this gen.


Seemingly, the 3DS and to a (barely) lesser extent, Vita, will get the lion's share of support. Just like the DS+PSP got.

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Excuse me Sir but if KH is the first game that comes to your mind when u r thinking about JRPGs u have completely the wrong idea of what a JRPG is & that goes not only to KH fans but to Demon's/Dark Souls fans also, & those of u who r thinking "as long it comes out of JPN & it have some rpg elements in it, that makes it automaticaly a JRPG..." well.. NO!

Companies like SQUARESOFT, KONAMI, NAMCO, CAPCOM, LEVEL 5, SONY & others put the standards with games like FF series, Suikoden series, Tales of.. series, Breath of Fire series, Star Ocean series, Wild Arms series, this is just a few examples, what this games have in common? if u have play some of those games & compare them to KH for start u will understand immediately that they don't have anything in common & if u make a little research u will get eventually why a game like KH can't be called JRPG.