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Do you want micosoft to bring back the old Xbox One policies?

Yes! I actually liked the extra features 172 37.15%
No! I hated the DRM 189 40.82%
No! it was the reason i w... 102 22.03%

So iWas on the internet and seen someone talking about a Petition made by Xbox fans to bring back the restriction and other features (like game sharing). heres some of the things they Said:

''We want back the features that the "trolls" of the internet has complained away!

We want discless playing from disc games.

We want family game sharing.

We want access to play our games on any Xbox One console.

We want a console of the future, not an Xbox 360 on steroids.

We don't care if we have to check-in online once every 24 hour.

But thanks for making it region free. We DON'T want to change that!

Please share this petition!''

Well it reached 400. will you be signing it?


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Where is the petition?

Sorry, almost forgot. just added it.

'Video games are bad for you? That's what they said about rock-n-roll.'
-Shigeru Miyamoto



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Im almost tempted to sign it to screw with MS haha.. but in all seriousness even if they get 10k that's still tiny compared to the number that would sign a petition against DRM.

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Ha.. i won my bet, but i wasnt around to gloat because im on a better forum!  See ya guys on Viz

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Seriously if MS was confident their policies could deliver on what they promised they would have kept them no matter what. Who in their right mind believes that it was the consumers complaining all over the interwebz that made them change them. Got one word for why they changed them: SALES.

It's like some kind of weird stockholm syndrome happening.



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So, people with differing opinions are "trolls of the internet" huh?

They want it this bad?


..You know what?

maybe they deserve for MS to bring the drm back

Go for it.

That way it assures that all my friends will get a PS4 so we can have the same console.