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Saw the movie with my 13 yo who has ADHD.  He sat through the 2 1/2 hour movie.  Saw him fidget few times, but he does that in all movies.  

This alone tells me that the movie is not bad, so I have to wonder, 'Why the hate?'

It's not a great movie, but most movies are not that great anyways.  I thought it was much better than FF6.

It does have a little identity crisis in the beginning.  I think Disney wanted the same formula as the Prates movies.  Even the music by brilliant Hans Zimmer reminded me to the Pirates movies.   The chemistry between the main characters was not good in the beginning but it picked up at the end, and I do believe that is what the director wanted it to be.  It fits the story.

When the Lone Ranger finally figures out what he needs to be, the movie really takes off, and it is really fun.  

So, why the hate?  There are articles on yahoo page every single day about this movie and how Disney lost it's movie magic.  I think Disney will be fine.  They have few good movies coming out this year.

Big question for Disney is will there be sequels to this movie?  the movie was long because it needed to build up the story, but if the second and third movies are like the final hour of the movie, then I think it will be good.    

So, I hope they do make more.  I heard that few actors have signed on for three movies so we shall see.

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I think most people who are "hating" on The Lone Ranger are basing their "hate" on it's Box Office performance. Which is basically a complete and utter failure when compared to the budget of the movie.

Also, recently, Western movies haven't moved/interested people in the way they used to.

Carl is a Piplup hater and deserves to be punished eternally.

i wanna say the "lone ranger" is a corny title by todays standard. ppl are very picky about titles. Not that I care, i wanna see it. Mob reaction is very interesting to observe. When ppl base their decisions on yahoo articles we know we arent human. We're sheep.

This came out already? wow

So many flops recently

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yehh seems like every 13yo has ADHD these days.

$250,000,000 (estimated)
Opening Weekend: $29.210.849 (USA) (5 July 2013)
Gross: $51.736.805 (USA) (8 July 2013)

I smell a bomb

Well I hated it, The story was low, the timing and the spacing of the event, was horribly slow, making seem longer the moving should have been 1 hour or 45min less.

They could have done something great but they did go all disney on it, like they did With john carter a shame.

I do believe that Disney wanted to make this "epic' movie - the same mistake they made with John Carter.
if the movie was more light-hearted, as it is at the end, then it would have been fun.

Disney did this because they thought this movie will be like pirates, and planned for three movies.

They will lose a lot of money for sure.
Maybe it will get over $100m

I don't think calling a movie a financial flop is "hating" when it is in fact a disaster profit wise. As far as reviews for the movie I've heard mix things which sounds fitting, but no hate as you put it.

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