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Probably Destiny. It looks massive and it can definitely sell 10 million. But it can especially be the beginning of a new big franchise and so the investement is probably worth it.

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I bet on Titanfall. Seriously.

Has to be destiny...

10 million is small for the bungie/activision partnership.

It's just that simple.

spurgeonryan said:
GTAV or The Last of US. Or Pikmin 3, it was in development for many years!

Can't be any of those, he said new IP introduced at E3.

Ssenkahdavic said:
BossPuma said:
Ssenkahdavic said:

This is insane. 10 million would make sense for COD or maybe Halo (tho neither is a new IP...eh Destiny or Titanfall maybe?).

Man what the hell makes a game cost THAT MUCH?

MMO's cost a shit ton of money, so i think its Destiny or The Devition

Shit, I would love to see the breakdown on whatever game it is to see just how badly someone wasted their fucking money.  That is insane.

Those games are very graphically intensive as well. Activition said that Destiny is the most money they have ever put into a new IP

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Makes sense seeing how ZombiU wasn't profitable with ~500K copies sold!!! These new games for the PS4 look a lot more complicated and open world than ZU; so I would assume the cost would be at least 4x as much than a game!!! Oh well, at least Intelligent Systems gave us a rough estimate for a game to be profitable for the Wii U (non-port) is 700K.

Besides Destiny I would go for Disney Infinity.. That skylanders clone.. The amount of development but later on the amount of marketing will be gigantic..


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No game that I saw at E3 looked like it was worth THAT much money. So I'm lost. Watch dogs might be close since it took Ubi 5 years to develop, but even then 10 million copies to break even is downright ridiculous.


Sounds like bullshit to me. Only game that could come close to that is GTAV and its not new and wasn't at e3. No way Destiny or Titanfall cost that much.

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I do not think Destiny, or any other new ip at E3 is going to sell 10 million units. Now way that a new IP does this. Possible? Yes, but I doubt it highly.

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