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Former Epic lead game designer Cliff Bleszinski, has stated on Twitter that a new IP introduced at E3 this year need 10 million to break even. Get the full quote below. 

Here is what Cliffy B had to say on Twitter:

“At e3 I overheard that a certain AAA new IP needs to sell 10 million copies…to break even. No I’m not saying which one. You can guess. ”

Meanwhile, Nintendo says Fire Emblem on Wii U would need 700K to be worthwhile. And people say Nintendo is ‘out of touch’ with the gaming industry?

Any guesses on new IP guys?

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Whichever it is... industry is mad... trololo, 10 million... good luck with that. I have no suggestions.

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GTAV or The Last of US. Or Pikmin 3, it was in development for many years!

If this is true. Who in gods name approved of the project. Unless your COD, Halo, GTA V etc, this ant happening on your first go. This requirment is bigger than Amazing Spider-Man's budget...


Lol what...I think he might of heard wrong. I mean from what I saw I would guess the Division just based on the graphics of the game...

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Does that include advertisement? 10 million is an outrageous expectation.

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They do realize that this is like having a budget of around 600 million. Just to break even. So they would need a lot more to make it worthwhile. 60 times 10 million.

spurgeonryan said:
GTAV or The Last of US. Or Pikmin 3, it was in development for many years!

GTA and Pikmin aren't new IP and I doubt Naughty Dog would make a game in hopes of selling 10 million copies JUST to break even. They've seen the Uncharted sales lol.

This is insane. 10 million would make sense for COD or maybe Halo (tho neither is a new Destiny or Titanfall maybe?).

Man what the hell makes a game cost THAT MUCH?

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Can't think of anything new that would fit that bill. Hmmm ... *digs up E3 videos of multiplatform games*



It says 'introduced at E3', so I ruled out TLoU. GTAV and ACIV are not new IPs, so they're out of it. This has to be a multiplatform game.


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