Forums - Gaming Discussion - Well Edge isn't really being coy about who they favor next gen xD (check out fb cover)


lol 15 15.79%
Way to be subtle xD 23 24.21%
Wow 6 6.32%
Hell ya! 42 44.21%
wtf 9 9.47%

Found this on their fb page, they changed the cover.

Check it out here

pic from gaf(their cover page is now ps4) Highlights aren't from me

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Yep, they prefer Xbox One

It is now official

also, i didn't know that GTA 5's recent gameplay footage was all captured on ps3


Edit: Damn! @ Hermione

Edge - Welcome to the New Age!

Added a little poll for fun

That is the PS4 right?

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spurgeonryan said:
That is the PS4 right?



Not coy about that shit at all.

Hey, they stole my cover!

pezus said:
Hey, they stole my cover!

Well you aren't the king of ps nation for nothing!

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lol slow