Forums - Gaming Discussion - If The Wii U was as powerful as PS4/XboxOne would it have gotten more 3rd party support?

would Nintendo have gotten more/as much support if they were as powerful?

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If The Wii U was as powerful as PS4/XboxOne would it have gotten more 3rd party support?

as much support as Sony and Microsoft?

In your opinion


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Nope, remember the Gamecube? that was made WITH developers in mind, similar controller to other systems, powerful, less restrictions and still 3th party passed on it

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Nope, it would still be ignored.

If it was very easy to port games from those other systems then it probably would get a handful more, but nothing that would make a difference. The key problem for third parties is the audience the system attracts and a more powerful Nintendo system would still be attracting a majority of the same audience a less powerful one does.

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not unless it used PC architecture the same as well, then developers really wouldnt have a reason not to bring games to it because porting would be a breeze

I agree it's support would likely have been similar to Gamecube's but that's still a ton better than what WiiU has had. WiiU's support (aside from Ubisoft) is beyond pathetic.


More? Yes. Equal? No.
There would still be the issue that 3rd party games have a hard time selling on Nintendo systems.

As much as PS4/One, probably not. More than it's going to get, yes.

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Maybe a little more, but not enough to make it worth taking more losses from making it more powerful.

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