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Personally I'm a big fan of HD Collections and I would love for Nintendo to do them for some of their classics.  The main problem is Nintendo went with regular discs for the Wii U so the HD Collections would have multiple discs.  I realise this, but I still think its worth it.

1.  Metroid Prime Trilogy HD - I know there is already a Metroid Prime Trilogy out, but its so god dam expensive and its not HD, I would love it if they rereleased it in HD.

2.  3D Mario HD Collection - I think this would really move Wii Us.  It would have Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy 1, 2.  Who wouldn't buy this I mean common.

3.  Mario Kart HD Collection and Mario Party HD Collection - These two I'm on the fence about, are the Mario Kart games and Mario Party games different enough to include them in a HD Collection, I mean you don't want to include the same game with only minor differences in an HD Collection, ex. that is why Budokai 2 was missing from the Dragonball Z Budokai HD Collection.  I think it would work with Mario Kart, I mean look at Double Dash, that was really different, but I don't think it would work with Mario Party, the games are just too similar. 

4.  The Legend of Zelda HD Collection - Like the 3D Mario one I think this one would really move Wii U's but seeing as Nintendo already did a Wind Waker HD and did it as a stand alone game I highly doubt we will see this.

5.  This is not a HD Collection but just one game, I really want to see Xenoblade Chronicles HD.  This is personal, just because I really want to play the game and its so god dam expensive in Canada.

What HD Collections do you want to see?  Or if you don't want HD Collections say why.

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Skyward Sword and both Galaxy games. Re-engineered to be compatible with the Pro Controller. I can't stress that latter part enough.

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literally just was thinking about Zelda Ocarina of time and Majora's Mask remastered in HD (a single disc) and how cool it would be ^^

I would love a Metroid Prime Trilogy HD. i never had a chance to beat them

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Mushroom Kingdom Gamecube Collection-Mario Sunshine, Luigi's Mansion, Wario World

Metroid Prime Trilogy HD

Resident Evil Origins HD-REmake+Zero

Legend of Zelda Collection-Twilight Princess+Skyward Sword

Star Fox Collection-Adventures/Assault

F-Zero GX HD

Tales of Symphonia HD

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Only Metroid Prime games - Yea, it is WAY too expensive. I started putting Wii games in my cart since I intend to get a Wii U, but the price is just insane man. I refuse to pay that much for it. Even used is bad!


I'd be more interested in seeing GC games get an update though. I can just play Wii games on the Wii U through BC. However, I HATE motion controls, so taking them out and adding an HD gloss wouldn't be so bad, but not a must.

I think I'd prefer individual HD updates (like Zelda WW HD) as opposed to the HD collections. Much more work go into the individual titles than those that come in 2s and 3s.


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I want capcom to do a ghosts n goblins HD collection. Remastered like the duck tales masterpiece.

Xenoblade Chronicles HD would be pretty amazing

In every way Endless Ocean in super HD would be awesome! 

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