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What do you think of the memory cards?

Should have gone with SD cards.
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I think the biggest mistake Sony made with the Vita was forcing people to buy their expensive ass memory cards, instead of just using SD cards. The Vita already costs $250-$300 and then you have to add on the cost of a memory card which ranges from $20-100, and the $20 card is only 4GB, that is nothing.  The only reason to buy th 4GB card is if you plan to never dowload anything, the 16GB is $60 and the 32GB is $100.  $100!  Only 32GB is $100!  I don't know what the hell Sony was thinking when they did this, they made the PS4 as cheap as possible and it seems they made the Vita as expensive as possible.  I think Nintendo went the right way with making the 3DS compatable with SD cards, hell it even comes with a free SD card since they are so cheap.  What do you guys think?

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I agree that they are overpriced, but I don't think they'll drop the price of it anytime soon.

Here in Aus at EB games the 3G-Wifi Vita's come with a memory card mind you its only 4gig but its still a memory card none the less and I dont think its just a part time sale as my local store has been doing it for over a year now.


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Should of stayed with the same memory cards as the PSP imo.

Memory cards are killing digital sales if anything especially for those who want a combination of PSP and Vita titles (like me ;x).


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On the other hand, it may be what's keeping the price of the Vita down. (Still think it's overpriced though)

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They need to drop the 32 GB to $50 AT LEAST. I'm dying for some PS classics on my vita.

Those are overpriced, for sure. But the lack of a real, must have title is what is holding it back. I had a Vita... It was fun. It just needs a game or games that make it worth the cash.

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I agree... I like handhelds gaming a lot more than console gaming, but I a not buying a vita unless they reduce the price of those memory cards... I mean I got a 16 gigs SD card for my 3ds for $20!!


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I was just talking about this at work. They should have gone SD, even if they required it to be a higher speed class.

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I like the current memory cards but the price is too expensive and its taking Sony too long to make a price cut on them. I mean the 32gb card is more expensive than a game. :/

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