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As you might be able to tell from my username, I am a big fan of languages. I speak English natively, French almost fluently, and I'm currently learning German, Mandarin Chinese, and Esperanto as well. I'm taking Spanish and Greek in next grade as well, and I plan on learning Japanese. What languages to you speak, or want to learn?

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I would like to learn Spanish

I speak Spanish and English and learnt them since a little boy. But I never tried to learn another language until some months ago where a friend of mine convinced me to learn japanese. So I started learning by myself with his help

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Want to learn



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Grew up in Germany so German used to be my native language. But I have been living in the US since 1988 so English is now my primary language. Also took Spanish in high school and college so I speak a little. So I'm fully fluent in English somewhat fluent in German (it pretty rusty since barely use it anymore) and I know a bit of Spanish. If I where good in learning new languages easily I would probably try to learn Italian since its the best sounding Romance language.

I speak Finnish (which is my native language) and English. I've also studied Swedish and German but I haven't used them in any practical applications ever and it's been a while since I studied them so I don't actually remember much anymore. I've also once studied Spanish but I didn't finish the course so I've forgotten practically everything. I recently started studying Japanese and I plan to continue it. I also want to learn Chinese some day, and maybe try Spanish again because it's so widely spoken.

Engrish. Would like to speak, Chinese, Spanish, H

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Can speak:

English (native)
Spanish (used to be fairly fluent)
Mandarin (not bad)

Want to speak:


Can speak:




Want to:


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Chinese, Japanese, Korean just to watch movies without subtitles

speak german english croatian 

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