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Since the game is practically perfect and there is no real reason to hate it, unless you have some deeply rooted desire to put it down, i thought lets make this thread for these kind of people to enjoy.

- Joel is an idiot, he wears a broken watch throughout the game, even after someone has specifically mentioned it to him, he even looks at it from time to time.

- There is no possibility to comunicate with the infected and humans in meaningful way to resolve conflicts in a peaceful way. A terrible oversight by the developers.

- The homosexual charackter is completely unrealistic, he should wear some colorful clothes, speak in a gay voice and shove his sexual orientation into everyones face not later then 20 seconds after meeting him.


what are your reasons to hate the game?


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so much squatting in multiplayer yet still flat low poly asses

you cant jump on an emeny to kill them so the gameplay sucks

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The gfx are not up to par, there was jaggies in the bottle of whiskey (first scene when X years later) at the top of the liquid (well at least on my TV).



Well, I did love the game, but a few gripes I did have...

Cant move bodies of people/infected you kill when trying to remain stealthy and undetected

Lack of stamina, it seemed a bit silly that I could outrun Infected indefinitly (on survivor, run in circles while your comrades soften them up with their unlimited ammo)

The amount of bottles and bricks that you pass and CANT use as throwable objects (nothing more annoying than being on Survivor where you heavily rely on those, and your in a room full of bricks and bottles but that arent the specific ones your allowed to pick up!)

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i have real reasons why it doenst deserve a 10/10 :P
maybe 9/10 ;)

Ohh fuck readin this OP pisses so much off. The game is not almost perfect. It has flaws, quite a few actually.

The gameplay is OK but nothing special, it suffers for occasional techinical issues because they where to ambotious and the PS3 couldnīt handle it all that well sometimes. And there where some other issues.

If you are a gamer who puts gameplay beyond everything else then you will not enjoy The Last of Us

I loved it because those things didnīt bother me all that much, and I fucking loved the characters.

I don't hate TLOU, not by a long shot, but it's not quite my kind of game. I'm not a big fan of stealth gameplay, and while I'm OK with it when it is simple and easy, or when it doesn't dominate the majority of the gameplay (BG&E and Batman: Arkham Asylum/City are good examples of this), I don't like it when basically the entirety of a game's combat mechanics are centered around sneakiness. TLOU, Splinter Cell, and MGS are all games that are just too stealthy for my tastes.

I've got no problem with the writing or the characters in TLOU, of course. It's a very well written and voice-acted game.

The Last of Us isn't supposed to rip off Skyward Sword. (Dat low-res 2D sprites) Ugh, what a letdown. 0/10 would play again.

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There are some minor faults for sure, but they don't really take away much if anything from the game.

The animations and maneuvers for stealth kills, choking out people constantly gets tiresome.
The AI was hardly near that demo they showed a while back.
Lot of Jaggies

Regardless still a 10/10 for me.

Also, seeing all the haters around the web (/v/) rubbishing the "cinematic experience" with falsified arguments and claiming its just like a movie really makes my blood boil.