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What does Microsoft need to do to win you back?

Lower the price 41 8.20%
Don't make kinect required 47 9.40%
GAMES, GAMES and more GAMES 39 7.80%
Free online 17 3.40%
Offer more free games on live 3 0.60%
Other 6 1.20%
All of the above 66 13.20%
They already won me back :) 52 10.40%
They will never win me back 167 33.40%
See results 62 12.40%

Honestly for me I'm not gonna forget so easily what Microsoft tried to do, and I will be buying a PS4 first, but the question is will I buy a X1 later?  

Well first of all they need to drop the price and get rid of that Skynet box, I'm hoping the PS4 stomps them and they have no choice but to not make it required because that is bullshit.  I honestly can't believe they are forcing people to buy kinect 2.0 when they don't even want it, if they really think its the future and its gonna drastically improve the gaming experience then they should be taking the hit on it, make it a major selling point by saying we have this and our competitor doesn't and we won't charge you extra.  Honestly I think they could easily do it, with all the rumours about the X1 being weaker, therefore we know it cost less to make and I know Sony is making a $25-50 profit on every PS4, I don't think its asking too much of Microsoft to sell the console and kinect at $400.

I'm not gonna say make online free, because I know live is a major revenue string for them and without it, it would be hard for them to turn a profit, I understand that, but they need to start offering more free games like Sony does.  I know they started offering 2 games a month, but that is not enough, Sony offers 15+ games a month and Microsoft offers 2...Some people are gonna make the agurment, well well with XBOX you own your games with PS you just get to play them for a month.  Honestly think about it which is better 2 games a month you own or 15+ games you get to play...

I will say I credit Microsoft for investing more money into actual games.  I think they said they invested 1 billion dollars and I give them all the credit in the world for that.  Although I kinda wish they actually made their own first party games instead of just buying third party ones.  I hope they keep that up and its not just at the start to win early adopters. 

What do you guys think?  What did I miss and what do you want to add?

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They need to prove to me that they won't try to go back to their anti consumer ways.


Nothing I plan on getting PS4 first then Xbox One.

VGPolyglot said:
They need to prove to me that they won't try to go back to their anti consumer ways.

Ya I was thinking that too.  I mean after they sell a shit load of X1s what is to stop them from putting that DRM back in?

They need to make the best system with the best games. That's it. In my opinion, the Xbox 360 was simply the best console on the market when compared to the PS3 and Wii. Never wanted an Xbox when I had a PS2 and Gamecube. Not really excited about the Xbox One. The Xbox 360 won me over on its own merit. It had the games and features I enjoyed the most. If, somehow, they can duplicate that, I can see myself buying one. If they can't, to hell with them. I'll stick with my Wii U and possibly a PS4. Thing is, I'm not too impressed with Sony's showing, either. Have the games I want to play and I'll buy. That's it.

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Simple, drop the camera and lower the price, its just far to expensive, and i just dont want the kinect at all, i know ill get one eventually, but at the moment were probably talking years after release rather than months. PS4 just out values the One by too much.

MS just isn't winning me me over as a gamer, they completely lost me with the DRM and even tho they dropped it they have already lost my confidence in them. While on the other hand Sony's messaging has been spot on and looking back at the ps3 they haven't stopped supporting it like MS did with the 360.

Make only one Kinect game a month. I would hate to be flooded with kinect games like the wii was flooded with motion control games.

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Just don't get an Xbox One. The only thing you'll be missing are exclusives, rumble triggers, snap multi-tasking OS, TV app and NFL experience. MS is trying to bring TV, apps and gaming into one box and letting you do it in split screen. MS is an OS company and I'm sure their OS will run way better than Sony's offering. If you are looking to just game and maybe a less fluid OS, then don't give Xbox One a second thought.

As for Kinect, that alone is a $150-$200 peripheral. You're getting a $50-100 savings. They are including it so that they set a standard for the the lowest common denominator. A dev will know that they have access to it.


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If they release X1 they will win me back. Along with Killer Instinct, SonĄ can't give me that.

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