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PS4 or Xbox One?

PS4 - I live in North America 302 21.77%
Xbox One - I live in North America 307 22.13%
PS4 - I live in Europe 277 19.97%
Xbox One - I live in Europe 284 20.48%
PS4 - I live in South America 56 4.04%
Xbox One - I live in South America 66 4.76%
PS4 - I live in Asia 24 1.73%
Xbox One - I live in Asia 25 1.80%
PS4 - I live outside of A... 22 1.59%
Xbox One - I live outside... 24 1.73%

Since everyone is doing it, I figured why not do one poll here to see if the ratio is similar to how it is in other polls around the internet (Gamespot's,, amazon etc.). All flaming and trolling will be reported, so please keep the comments as civil as possible.


If you've voted in the poll and can't read the last two options, they say:

"PS4/Xbox One - I live outside of Asia, Europe, NA and SA"

Results after 508 votes!

Region PS4 One Total
North America 276 (84%) 54 (16%) 330
Europe 245 (86%) 39 (14%) 284
South America 51 (89%) 6 (11%) 57
Asia 23 (88%) 3 (12%) 26
Rest of the world 20 (74%) 7 (26%) 27
Total 615 (85%) 109 (15%) 724

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PS4 will be first sometime a year after launch. Xbox One isn't out of the cards if the software is there. They need JRPGs mainly if they want me to buy it.

Poll is up, please vote in it!

PlayStation 4 - Asia

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For me, its PS4, a year or two down the line depending on when/wich games come out.
Wii U is also a good possibility for next year, but it isnt part of the poll.

I choose ma ps3!!!112121

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Xbox One: What are you doing Dave?

Wow PS4 is beating XBox One in Europe 14-0

When we've gone up to around 100 votes I will tally the totals and give us a percentage to work with. Then I will update it as we get even more votes.

North America - PS4