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Let's just take away barriers like money, distribution/availability, materials, etc etc etc and assume there's some magic corporation with infinite money that's offering a free modern home console with ALL of the games (all of them) in every single country worldwide. The trick is the console is literally invisible to and unable to physically be picked up and carried by people until they have at least ONE game they're interested in playing. How many people would bother picking it up even then out of 7 billion?

It's not a portable, it's a regular console that requires a TV to hook-up to. Doesn't play movies or stream things like Netlfix, either. Just games.

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I dunno, a million perhaps. Why do you ask?

A free pure gaming console? I'd guess 30% household penetration, assuming they all have TV's.

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Considering the model that you are describing is of the NES, Sega MS, SNES, Genesis days I don't find this valid. Nobody will go back to games only again. It is downgrading. Now since this is a "What if" I will say... 20 Million. Nintendo's blood runs deep.

Ljink96 said:
Nobody will go back to games only again.

But it's free!

Over one billion for sure.

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Well, it depends how many people have TVs, and what the games are.

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VGPolyglot said:
Well, it depends how many people have TVs, and what the games are.

It has all the games, every single game that exists and will ever exist.

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Over 9,000 maybe.

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