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Should Satoru Iwata step down?

Yes 66 31.28%
No 145 68.72%

[Update] Do you feel Nintendo even care about third parties, for the the pass couple of days, it felt like Nintendo treat third party support as a side job as they focus on themselves which understandable ,but at the same time sort of stubborning not only to third party but their fans to.

Here an old article from Emily Roger, before E3 2013. Its a good read, and explain my fusteration with Nintendo and Iwata profromance as a whole.

And here's another video, though I don't agree with the term "Save Nintendo Fire Iwata" but he makes good points.

Video added from Tech Feed explain what Nintendo need to do for the next generation of games.

[Update] I got nothing against Iwata, I just find his business practice to be a bit odd sometimes even when they work out for the company. The man know his game for sure ,but he think more as a developer then a business man. What Nintendo need is a CEO who have a history with games but also know how to do business, make tough decisions, try to creator to third parties need who would like to work on power hardware, give out more details on your titles, show more ads, even if it's only through youtube, etc. I will give Iwata this, he does know how to creator to indies which is great and he make great sacrfices for the sake of the company, he cut have his paycheck for the company. I heard there's over hundred indie titles coming to the Wii U. That's what I would like to see more. Honestly, I would like to see Iwata go back to developing games as a new CEO take his place. I'm not wishing for this, I would like to be proven wrong. I would like to see a new and improve Nintendo, I'm just not seeing that ....yet ....I hope.

Quick question, I know games are coming soon for the system, but does anyone feel like they were ripped off as an early adoptor and Iwata is doing a poor job as CEO, and be honest, no flame wars or fanboying.

Do you feel Iwata was the right pick to be CEO back in 2002?

The reason I'm pre ordering a PS4 is because I always own both Nintendo and Playstation console per generation, not because of fanboy purpose
Old topic of mine:


Don’t follow the hype, follow the games


Here a little quote I want for those to keep memorize in your head for this coming next gen.                            

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Apparently Nintendo never aspires to something bigger, they're pretty much content with what they do, and if it were for them we would still be playing cartridges. They only care about creating new controllers for all I can see, and then they make a few games that really exploit the potential of them throughout a whole 5 year cycle, and always expect third parties will give a damn and do the same, but really few of them do.

I'm so sick of this "Should Iwata step down?" no he should not as if it wasn't for him they would not have had the successful Wii and DS or are they forgotten already?

    R.I.P Mr Iwata :'(

nope, not unless theres a bullshit price drop again like 3ds. if that happens i want 10 SNES Games and 10 N64 Games on VC

Here is the thing....

Early adopters always get ripped off.

Always, always, always.

Whether they realize it or not.


Well except argueably in situations like the PS3 where features like BC get ripped out... but such things are very rare.

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So you connect "I feel ripped off for being an early adopter." to "That means Iwata needs to stop doing his job."

Um, okay.

Carl is a Piplup hater and deserves to be punished eternally.

It's going to be the exact same situation with the PS4 and X1, just like every other console ever. There won't be more than 5 games worthy of owning the console for for at least the first year.

8th gen predictions. (made early 2014)
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PSV: 15-20m

Roma said:
I'm so sick of this "Should Iwata step down?" no he should not as if it wasn't for him they would not have had the successful Wii and DS or are they forgotten already?

Iwata will never be taken completely seriously.  He took over for a guy (Yamauchi) who was president for over 50 years and who got Nintendo into the toy and gaming business in the first place.  How do you compete with that?

Miyamoto is the most valuable person at Nintendo today.

I bought both the 3DS and WiiU at launch. I dont feel ripped off so much as disappointed. I love my 3DS now but i didnt play anything for it for pretty much the first 6 months. The WiiU i have played ZombiU, NSMBU, and Lego City. None of them are worth buying a console for.

With all that said I know i will eventually love my WiiU as I do my 3DS. So no i dont feel ripped off. Just disappointed on the drouts that nintendo has had with each launch.

Most anticipated game is Pokemon X/Y. SSMB is also up there when they start announcing more about it.  I buy nintendo platforms for the games i know they will get whether it be day 1 or year 4

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That ladies and gentlemen is why you never get a console at launch, you never know what might happen.

As for the poll question, I'm with Roma on this one, I'm sick of people complaining about Iwata. 

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