New Pokemon X and Y 3DS XLs.....they're......beutiful!!!

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Nintendo has unveiled two Pokemon X & Y-themed 3DS XLs, both of which are currently only slated for a Japanese release.

Gematsu reports that the "Xerneas and Yveltal Blue" and "Premium Gold" versions, both of which can be seen below, will be released on October 12 and come packaged with one of the games, a 4GB SDHC memory card, stylus and six AR cards.



As per usual there's no word about whether the awesome editions will be coming West, and Nintendo has told us that there's nothing to announce at this stage.




If this doesnt come to NA I will be hugely pissed

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That blue one is epic!

If the gold one comes out in the west I will get it. ;3

But the blue one is smexy.

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They are both great! But I have a slight preference for the golden one.


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Wow, they are great. I like the blue one more, but wow to both designs.

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I've been wanting an XL for a while, so if this comes to the west I'll probably buy the blue one.

Blue is my favorite by far! Awesome design now bring some damn 3DS designs to the US Nintendo!

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Damn do I want this one or the Monster Hunter 4 one? Tough choice!

Wow, not bad. If that blue one came to Europe I think I'd probably buy it!

I find the gold one pretty hideous though.