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Here's a quick guide to join the VGChartz chat room on IRC.

First of all, you need mIRC (duh), you can download it from here. You need to install it on C: in case you want to use scripts. Once installed and started, you'll end up with a screen like this:

Now, see the menu to the left? Click "servers", then you click the add server button, this screen will popup and you put the same info as in the screenshot.

Now, hit "Add", then go back to "Connect", change your nickname (you don't need to provide a real email) and click "Connect to server". You'll have a single window (that's the server window), there you'll enter this command /join #vgchartz.

And it's done.

Now, that's for vanilla mIRC. If you want a bit more fanciness and easiness, you can use a script. I recommend IRCap, as it's easy to use... and is the one I use haha.

Once that mIRC is installed (on C:), you close it down and download ircap from here.

Once installed, run it and you'll get asked about configuration. Click next next next and you'll end with a window like this one:

Look in the green circled space for TOP10, then Gamesurge. Then insert your nick on the red circled space, then click the button circled in yellow. You'll end up with a single window again, write down /join #vgchartz, hit enter and you're set.

Or you can visit this link http://gamesurge.net/chat/ then once you are on, type /join #vgchartz and you can change your nickname with /nick newnick

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