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What is your favorite gaming genre?

Adventure 54 18.37%
RPG 122 41.50%
Shooter 30 10.20%
Sports 3 1.02%
Stealth 3 1.02%
Racing 3 1.02%
Hack and Slash 8 2.72%
Open World 27 9.18%
Other 27 9.18%
See reults 17 5.78%

I do realise that genres are different and hard to compare, but I still want to ask this question.  For me RPGs are by far my favorite, they tend to have way better stories, compared to other genres the story in RPGs is just on another level, especially JRPGs.  When I get emotionally connected to a game I'm playing there's a better chance I will remember it down the road and want to replay it.  Also with RPGs you usually get an incredable value for your dollar with 20-40+ hr campaigns.  Also I'm a primarily single player gamer, multiplayer is secondary to me.  What is your favorite? 

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Racing and Fighting close.

Edit - I have to vote in Racing because there is not JRPG options and RPG is below racing and fighting for me due WRPG (it's like 10 for JRPG + 7 for WRPG = 8.5 RPG).



Includes: jRPG and wRPG - along with sub genres of RPG-Adventure, Action RPG, Strategy RPG, First Person RPG, MMORPG, Shooting RPG, etc.

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I like RPG and open world. I have to also give credit to the FPS because I play a lot of those.

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I really like open world/sandbox type games. There is so much freedom, and I get the feeling of so many possibilities and choices, it's great.
But I also really like adventure games, RPGs, platformers, shooters, and a side of racing games.
But I would say I've gotten the most enjoyment out of open-world games, like Skyrim, inFamous, Borderlands, Assassin's Creed. These games really draw me to accomplish as much as I can.

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A tie between platformers (both 2D and 3D) and RPG.

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Platformers give me the most fun, but they don't pull you in their world like RPG's do. its a tie between RPG and Platformer. that includes 2D and 3D plat, and JRPG and WRPG.

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JRPG, i voted rpg as it lacked the JRPG option