When Will the PS4 Pass the WiiU in Lifetime Sales?

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When Will the PS4 Pass the WiiU in Lifetime Sales?

In November - during the PS4 launch month 43 8.58%
By the end of 2013 73 14.57%
By March 2014 90 17.96%
By June 2014 44 8.78%
By September 2014 18 3.59%
By the end of 2014 68 13.57%
2015 or later 46 9.18%
Never! 58 11.58%
Who cares about the PS4 a... 6 1.20%
See Results 55 10.98%

This thread - http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=164015 - made me think about when the PS4 will pass the Wii U in lifetime sales.

Some facts:


  • The WiiU has sold approximately 3.2 million units, according to VGChartz
  • The WiiU sold 22k units last week
  • The PS3 sold 133k units last week
  • The PS4 will probably release in November.  Around 19 weeks from now.
Some opinions and assumptions that you'll have to evaluate and make for yourselves.
  • Will the PS4 will, in fact, outsell the WiiU during the holiday season?
  • I've assumed that the PS4 will outsell the XBox One.  Others may feel differently.  
  • I think the Wii U will be around 6 million units sold by year end.
  • Will either the PS4 or Wii U have supply constraints?


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cant tell yet, i believe this holiday season will be important to WiiU and then MK8 and SSB in 2014. It seems unfair to judge the WiiU sales yet

Never. Wii U will hit its stride this holiday and never look back.

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If there are some heavy hitters coming from what remains of Sony's 20 first year exclusives, then mid 2014 could be possible. My guess would be late 2014 - early 2015 though. A likely price drop and some first party games finally releasing will keep the Wii U ahead for at least a year I'd say, if not longer.

There is already a thread about this.


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September 2014 to play it safe.

It might pass it 2014-15, but Nintendo could do something to save themselves.


August-Sept next year. It really depends on how many units Sony can produce for launch though.

We don't know how the market is going to recieve the PS4. The PS3 is selling great but PS4 is more expensive and lacks the game library.

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It will surpass Wii U sales the 25th of June of 2014.

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