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Saw this over on NeoGaf and people are having a ball with it, figured we try it here...

Here is the original OP from Gaf

State your "controversial" gaming opinion here, members of GAF: opinion that you personally held close at heart but at odds against the majority of video game enthusiasts here in GAF or at large.

However, please be careful not to venture into trolling territory please :) And remember, do not herald your own personal opinion as the absolute truth that others must abide to or else.

Since the OP Over at Gaf started it out so will I

I think Uncharted is a closet DudeBro Game


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Rising is a failure without limits... a shame it has Metal Gear in the name.

I expected the Move to improve my gaming experience
+I sold my Wii to buy it

Talal said:
I will permaban myself if the game releases in 2014.

in reference to KH3 release date

I think Titanfall is getting tons of hype because it's an exclusive (for now), while MGSV gets close to none, despite being the best looking and most promising game, because it's a multiplat.

The vast majority of Sony 1st party games simply arent very good.

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- All three Smash Bros games are atrocious thanks to horribly slippery controls/physics. (Also, pressing up on a D-Pad or analogue stick to jump should have died with the 90s)

- "Cinematic" games are a huge step backwards for the industry.

- The Wiimote Plus + Nunchuk and PS Move are by far and away the best controllers in all of gaming.

Fallout. > The Elder Scrolls.

I like CoD.. it's awesome... yeah can't beat that biatches!


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I think the majority of the hate Final Fantasy 7 and Chrono Cross get stems from the fact that they were released for Playstation, not Nintendo.

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having jumping in a game as the main gameplay mechanic in a game doesnt mean the gameplay is good. honestly, if jumping is the main gameplay mechanic then the gameplay is very lackluster

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