Forums - Nintendo Discussion - How has Nintendo done with their 1 year lead?


Good 26 4.84%
Terrible 183 34.08%
Whats a Wii U? 64 11.92%
They dropped the ball. 144 26.82%
ok, could've been so much better though. 120 22.35%

So I was browsing gaf and there was a topic on the wii u. The usual, really, how nobody knows what it is etc.Then it got me thinking, that Nintendo has done jack shit with there one year lead. They really had a great chance to have a pretty nice lead with the wii u, but the games haven't come out yet. There advertising is abysmal, the sales are the same. They seem to be struggling with hd development too, which everybody else is already use to. Didn't they abandon ship on the wii a couple years back to prepare for the wii u launch too? It seem like almost everything that could've gone wrong did. The name too is meh, though if they advertised more that could clear up the confusion. So what do you personally think? Do you agree with me, disagree?  Sound off in the comments!

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Did they do something?

They did so many things wrong. So many......


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They didn't drop the ball any more than with the Wii U concept itself.

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They have been worthless peices of shit the last couple of years of Wii and the first year of Wii U


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beyond terrible


*runs away crying*

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Since 2013 began I'd vote for terrible but their launch was actually pretty decent, so I voted for "they dropped the ball".

However, I could've just as easily voted for "What's a WiiU?" simply because of their marketing so far (or lack thereof).

not terrible not good in between

you could give us more choices or is this some kind of doom thread again to pump up stamina lol

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