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We all know games like the Last of Us, Uncharted, Halo 4, Killzone, God of War, Gears of War, Super Mario Galaxy, etc are considered to be some of the best looking games this gen. So what are some games that you guys think are underrated graphically?

Just Cause 2 is imo one of the best looking games this gen with one of the biggest worlds.

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I've heard just cause 2 is amazing if your computer has lots of power.

red dead redemption

 The One and Only


Wii Fit


I dunno if it was praised but I thought MGS4 had great graphics back when it launched.

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Vanquish was good looking game.

Alice Madness Returns on PC. Gorgeous.

Mark of Kri (PS2)

Cold-Flipper said:

Wii Fit





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I vote for Wii Fit as well! .....DAAAAYUUUM!!! :D

But in all seriousness, I know a lot of people didn't care for it or think it was just a misguided attempt to cover up the Wii's limitations...but I really think Skyward Sword had some beautiful moments, that in my opinion are right up there with the Galaxy games in terms of visual output from the Wii.

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