I've been really lucky in my current Pokemon Black playthrough.

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This is my first time playing pokemon black since my data was corrupted losing about 20 hours worth of play but I've been pretty lucky this playthrough. In just about 10 hours play time I've ran into 2 Shiny Pokemon!

My first Shiny was almost right after I caught my Blitzle. I was grinding him in that area due to few of the pokemon being weak to electric and a nurse right in that area for easy heals. As Im grinding I run into tymple...Shiny effect ensures. I had no plans use this Pokemon but its a shiny..automatic catch. At this point in time I had an overpowered Starter and Blitzle and a weak HM slave pokemon...uses Blitzle. Tympole is weak to electric but Shockwave is weak and I have to use it twice to faint them. So Shockwave, pokeball, check! use Shockwave..critical hit :/ . I considered releasing Blitzle.

Second time just happened! I was training my Solosis I just got from a Japanese player for a Sawk.

Side note: I goto GTS to see if I could score a Snivy. I see this all over: Level 1 Snivy looking for LV 100 Zekrom/Mew/Deoxys. Excuse me?

Im at the Desert Resort and walk into the wrong end of the ruins and on my out.. I get into a fight with Sandile..shiny effect ensures. My Zebstrika and Pignite are waay to strong. Just at from these 2 may cause him to faint. My Solosis has no move capaple of causing damage as he resist psychic. All thats left is my Venipede I barely started traing. I have one great ball. He kicks Venipedes ass. I decide if venipede faints on this turn I wont have any other pokemon capable of catching him so I throw the great at him with full health. It actually works. WTF.

Now I thinking should I train him? No intentions to have Sandile. Leave em box as a trophy or see if I can snag a Snivy from from GTS?

This isnt the first time ever from all my pokemon playthroughs. I ran into 4 shinies. Caterpie in Gold version, Pigey clone in Ruby and these 2. So how many legit Shiny pokemon have you guys ran into or caught in all your pokemon years?

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I have only ever seen one Shiny -_- It was a Makihatu or whatever its name is and it used whirl wind on me -_-

LOLOLOLOL..thats serious trolling right there.

I ran into a shiny bee-something in pearl. You can only catch it in a tree, which makes it one of the most rare shinies apart from the final bosses.
I went to trade it on the trading network and ended up getting a hacked pokemon. what the fuck.

I have never run into a single shiny in all my years of Pokemon. I've never skipped a gen x__x

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Ive caught a Shiny Zubat.

Thats it, in all my playthroughs. One Shiny fucking Zubat.

Shiny Pokemon ?
In my 330 hours Pokemon Silver savegame I had about 7 or so.

I've spent more days of my life than I can to count playing pokemon starting with blue, and never once have a seen a shiny pokemon...

Also this thread reminds me of this lol Was your reaction like his XD lol Skip to the 36 second mark

I have played every pokemon generation, putting in over 100 hours per game...


You sir, are one lucky dude