Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Will Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D Be Another Million Seller By End Of Year?

So Will It?

Easily! 30 42.86%
Barely 27 38.57%
Just Missed It 7 10.00%
No Chance 6 8.57%

Its Currently at 382,375!

WEEK 1 ★ 124,624~~~124,624
WEEK 2 ★ 63,291~~~187,915
WEEK 3 ★ 49,638~~~237,553
WEEK 4 ★ 144,822~~~382,375 (Japan Release)

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It will happen, but by year's end? Be very close. I'll say 900K by December 31st.

Most likely, if you count digital sells as well. I'm surprise, Luigi Masion is still in the top ten list.

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Well Pokemon should give a small boost to other games due to hardware boost in Oct, and Nintendo games sell well during holidays!

Minumun this game will get is 800k but i can see it doing 1mil-1.20mil by years end

I think so. 3DS games have been in beast mode as of late.

Plus donkey kong has been selling nicely. Decent legs since it released.

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I agree with Ryan. DKCR 3D has quite decent legs for being a 3D remake of a game that came out not too long ago.

I could see it barely passing 1 Million with a boost in the Holiday.

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Hmm I think if it does it will be very close, but these number I think are very good for a game that was basically already released on the Wii.

for sure

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Ya def possible, im gonna get it as soon as I finish Luigis Mansion.

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