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Your reign was epic Sorkiku, but after a duel that lasted about 2 years of active posting, your time at the head of the herd is over.


In May of 2011 I took notice of a little promotion that would be associated with me for the rest of my time here. It was the GamrRewards Promotion. Those with the most points one prizes each month. Machina handed them out and the top five point count leaders won something. At first it was just database points, adding a game/boxart/etc. But then when I got to know more people here, I put my toe in the proverbial Forum water. When I discovered that the water was warm and inviting, I dived in. Sure, before that I had delved into the forums before, but my young anger at that time was not ready. My body was not ready ( haha, get it? Reggie reference). I was banned multiple times and stayed close to the Game walls for relief, that Nordlead followed me to anyways...

But before that, I never really cared about anything here but sales and games. Then I made my first religious thread ( i believe it was, "Why do Christians not believe in Evolution" or something like that) All I remember is that Snesboy called me an idiot and was not banned for it. From then on, I seemed to have enjoyed the forums. The rest is history! Yay! Boring part done.

I would like to thank everyone who made this day possible, this is like beating Ganandorf in Ocarina of time and then running down ( spoiler alert) the rampart to safety with Zelda in tow. Except this is no game people, this is real life. This is a forum.

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VGcharts created a monster, cause nobody wants to see the great Sorkiku no more, they want Spryan, he's chopped liva. Now the M.O.Dzzz wont let me be, or let me be me, so let me see, they try to ban me on VG.CCC, it feels so empty without me.


When have I actually had a conversation with any of you? I would like to get to know you all on my friends list.


Rhonin: why do I stalk you?

Pezus: Why are you so amazing?

Deyon: Who are you?

Wright: What made you sign up with this site?

Yo_John: At what point did you think that you wanted to be a mod?

Barozi: How are you today? I think you gave me my first Summer 2001 warning.

RichardHutnick: Are you still here?

Poe: What games are you enjoying right now?

Benga Benga: How are things?


For the rest of you, let's play some games!

spryan's Thread Database

Game Threads



IGN gave Mass Effect 2 a 9.6 on 360 and a 9.5 on the PS3...why?

Why doesn't Nintendo just re-invent the Wii like they did with the DS?



Who loved the last gen. game Freaky Flyers?

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Thank god. I was so close a couple of times. I felt the need to post against clear instruction not to...

WTF is wrong with me!!

ironmanDX said:
Thank god. I was so close a couple of times. I felt the need to post against clear instruction not to...

WTF is wrong with me!!

How dare yo post in a locked thread!

I just am

8 posts in the thread, 6 belong to you.

You sure went for it.

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Congrats, spurrrrge :)

My 3DS Friend code is 0877-1237-2177 ...ADD ME! :D