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theshonen8899 said:
S.Peelman said:

God this discussion:

Guess what it is and what system it's for. Also, people saying GC-GBA =/= PS3-PSP need to read some history.

Now, on-topic. Have deja-vu, seems like I read this before sometime.

Seriously? You're going to compare the Power Glove to a glowing ball of light being tracked on a camera? Now you guys are really stretching it.

Not stretching it in any sense. Motion control is motion control. Concept is the same, the esthetic and precise technology (which evolves, naturally) of the device is irrelevant. And oh, the Japanese Power Glove was also tracked by camera's (sensors anyway).

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Gnac said:

He's claiming that, if anything, Nintendo copied Mattel.

Exactly .

I love how a thread always ends in a fanboy war

Sony always was a copycat they never really had own ideas, at first PS1 era they copied Nintendo a lot, than they copied a lot from Microsoft like Xbox live, Gamescore, Games like Halo and Gears of War, with Killzone, Uncharted and Resistance and recently they go more back to copying from Nintendo with the playstation move, little big planet karting and playstation all stars.

Sony always was quite successful with the copycat tactic.

Th3PANO said:
I love how a thread always ends in a fanboy war



It's just beginning.


EDIT: It ends with Kresnik's Wagging Finger of Disapproval.


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"I showed them total warfare. Like i said, there's a lot you can learn from old books."- Caesar New Vegas

Sony fans at their best, actually the creators of what later was known as wiimote were rejected by Kutaragi himself, the Sony boys are weird kind no wonder they need protection by moderators


"I'll never forget that meeting at Sony," Quinn says. "We were in a tiny little room with a big PC projector and Kutaragi comes in, introduces himself, sits down and - I swear this is true - he closed his eyes the moment I started showing my pitch. He never opened them until I had finished.

"It was awkward, very awkward, but I still asked him for feedback and he said, 'well, can you produce this for 50 cents?' I laughed and explained that would be impossible, so again I left empty handed and, to be honest, that time it got to me. I felt pretty let down.

Not this shit again. Mods should lock since it's a double thread

Given your mod history, I'm afraid I can't really give you the benefit of the doubt that you meant anything good to come from this thread.

I'm going to lock this for being pretty bait-worthy and ask that you cool it with posting stuff like this, please.